Easy Pear-Banana Puree

I was running late this morning.  Mornings now come with a wrinkle or two, things happen that I can’t control. I’m a working mom of a six month old, after all. I finally got out the door only to discover it was pouring rain and my umbrella was broken. I raced to the subway station and reached the platform just as the train was leaving the station (after climbing four staircases to get there). Then my train stalled one stop before my office. At least I had my coffee — and miraculously I made it to the office just in time for the  early morning conference call I was hosting.

And it only got better from there.

Lunchtime came and my nanny texted me with stellar news: The Minty Peas were a success. Mason gobbled them up this afternoon, along with a healthy helping of Sweet Potato-Chicken Puree. Home run! Victory! Score one for Mom!

Now on to our next food adventure: Pear-Banana Puree.

And that takes us back to this morning, before it became clear my commute would be…harried. Mason and I got up at 6 and cuddled. I hugged my baby boy, kissed his cheeks, celebrated being home with him again. We played as I simultaneously got ready for work and whipped up 14 ounces of pear-banana puree.

This magical mix of fruit was simple to make.  The organic fruits were fresh and delicious. The pear was juicy and sweet. The banana was just ripe and luscious. Together this wholesome fruit made a slightly chunky golden puree that was subtly sweet and well balanced. It will be a delish way to add new flavors to Mason’s beloved morning oatmeal. I can hardly wait to see Mason’s reaction when he has his first taste — stay tuned!


1 organic pear*
1 organic banana*


1. Peel and slice pear into small chunks. Steam until soft (about 15 minutes). Reserve steaming liquid.
2. Puree pear with sliced banana. Add liquid to get desired consistency.

To add oatmeal, prepare baby oatmeal from a box. Stir in two ounces of the fruit mixture before serving.

*I’m a working mama so I always double or triple my recipes and freeze extras. This morning, I used two pears and two bananas to get 14 ounces.

Appropriate for 6  months and up

What are your favorite fruit combos for baby these days?

2 thoughts on “Easy Pear-Banana Puree

  1. I’ve made this for my 9 month old baby girl, but we usually lean toward adding more pear than banana. Pears help keep her umm… regular … and bananas not so much. She loves the bananas, so I just try to make sure she gets more pear than banana and hope it works. So far so good.

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