Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Dinner in the Tub

We decided to shake up Mason’s routine Monday night, and that’s how he wound up eating his dinner in the bathtub. I got home from work and instead of playing in his gym or reading books we took a little field trip around our building (it was too cold to go out). Down the hall we went — the light fixtures crack Mason up. Then to the laundry room to check out the dryers. What’s cooler than a bunch of colorful clothes swirling around in a circle? We checked out the new books in the lending library then chatted up Sal, the doorman, in the lobby. On the way back upstairs we stopped by a neighbor’s place to show off Mason’s new slippers.

Back home and exhilarated from our adventure, we got ready for Mason’s bath. I’ve never seen a kid who loves his bath more than Mason does. As soon as he sees his tub, he starts cooing and kicking his legs. By the time I’ve actually gotten water in the tub he’s so excited I have to struggle to keep him dive bombing into it. I was just giving him a final rinse when I remembered that Mason hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Damn. Normally he eats much earlier but he had been having a rough day of teething so we decided to give him Tylenol and wait until he felt better.

I looked at the clock. Thirty minutes until bedtime — a time we keep consistent since he was sleep trained. I don’t like feeding him so close to bed for fear that he’ll throw up in his crib, but putting him to bed without dinner wasn’t an option. I could get him out of the tub, dry him off, dress him (which he hates), feed him, then do the bath all over again. Or I could just feed him in the tub, then go about our normal bedtime routine.

I went the later (easier) route, and we both loved it.

As you can see, Mason got to make a mess. The kid is squirmy and it’s a battle to get the food from the bowl to his mouth. He’ll grab the spoon, fling it and giggle as the food spatters on his clothes, his face, all over the place. Or he’ll grab the spoon, get the stuff all over his hands and smear it as far as he can reach. His meal? YoBaby peach yogurt, Chicken and Carrots, and Apple and Sweet Potato.   I got a break from clean up. No high chair mess. No onesie to Shout. A quick rinse and he was clean.

I’m not saying we’ll make our bathtub dinners a habit. Dinner has happened on time, in the high chair, every other night this week. But if we happen to find ourselves in the same situation again, I won’t hesitate to feed him in the tub. And you know what? Both of us will enjoy it.

What mealtime shortcuts make your life easier?

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