Sweet Potato & Peach Puree

This weekend was crazy. Chris didn’t arrive home from his new out-of-town job until 11 on Friday after being gone all week.  Mason and I were still recovering from the wicked stomach bug that hit us both about 48 hours after Chris left. And we had to be somewhere every second of the weekend. But at least I got 20 minutes with The Moms. That’s how the manager at Cranky’s, a cozy coffee shop in Long Island City, refers to the small group of us who congregate there every Sunday morning with our babes to drink coffee and chat. Today, one of my fave duos, Florence and Charlotte, were there. Charlotte is a month younger than Mason and absolutely gorgeous — large chocolaty eyes, silky dark hair, and a smile that melts your heart. Food came up — it always does — and Florence and I discussed which food Charlotte should try next. Peaches came up so naturally I thought of Sweet Potato-Peach Puree, one of Mason’s faves.

Sweet Potato-Peach Puree


2 organic sweet potatoes
1 bag frozen peaches, organic (10 ounces)
Cooking liquid


1. Wash, peel, and dice sweet potato. Cook until tender (about 15 minutes). Set aside.
2. Cook peaches until tender (about 15 minutes). Drain liquid and set aside.
3. Combine cooked sweet potatoes and peaches.  Puree and add cooking liquid as needed until you reach desired consistency.

Yield: 14 ounces, $6.09

*If the puree appears to be too thin, thicken it with plain organic yogurt before serving.

This combo is lovely because the peaches add a pleasurable layer of sweetness to the sweet potatoes, but not too much. When I feed the blend to Mason, he clearly loves it and I feel good knowing that the mixture is full of beta carotene (sweet potatoes) and Vitamin C (peaches), among other nutrients and vitamins. I can’t wait to hear what Charlotte thinks of Sweet Potato-Peach puree (if she tries it), or just peaches alone.

Does your babe like peaches? If so, do you serve them alone or mixed with something else?

One thought on “Sweet Potato & Peach Puree

  1. Anna LOVES sweet potatoes and peaches! It’s one of her favorites! I bought some peaches at the farmer’s market on Saturday and used those. Devine. I’m thinking about freezing some of the puree in some homemade popsicle deals for my 2.5 year old. She’ll love ’em!

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