Avocado-Banana Mashup Part 2

The first time I fed Mason Avocado-Banana Puree, I blew it. After his first bite he shuddered and looked offended. I coaxed him into taking a second bite and he gagged, then started screaming. Discouraged, I threw the rest of the stuff in the trash.

In retrospect, it wasn’t about the fruit — both of which he loves separately– it was about my technique. The unripe avocado that I used gave the puree a grainy texture (think brown mustard). I should have been more patient and waited for the avocado to ripen. The puree was also bland. It would have been better to use at least two bananas to add more sweetness and depth of flavor.

Tonight I started my second attempt at Avocado-Banana Puree with very ripe fruit.  I scooped the avocado out of its shell and sliced up the bananas. Then I pureed them together with premixed formula. The ultra-healthy fruits blended up fluffy and creamy. The puree tasted pleasantly sweet, without any graininess at all. Even my husband who usually refuses to taste any of Mason’s purees gave liked this one.

Now for the real test.

I fed a spoonful of the puree to Mason and waited. He tasted it and instead of gagging or screaming he swallowed and opened his mouth for more. And more. He ate all two ounces of the puree and was smiling afterward (above). His reaction made my night! Here’s the recipe. Hope your babe enjoys it too.

Avocado-Banana Puree


1 Organic Avocado, ripe
3 Organic Bananas, ripe
Premixed Formula


1. Slice a very ripe avocado in half. Remove the pit. Set aside.

2. Peel and slice ripe bananas. Combine with the avocado. Puree the fruits together in a food processor. Add premixed formula until you reach a very smooth texture.

Yield: Makes 14 ounces for $3.99

What’s your latest and greatest baby food success?

2 thoughts on “Avocado-Banana Mashup Part 2

  1. My son (now 6) loved this with the addition of plain whole milk yogurt. We have classic photos of him making an exuberant “sour face” but he just wanted more!

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