Poll: What was your babe's first finger food?

Mason hit the eight-month mark last Tuesday, which means it’s time for us to try a finger food. I’m a little nervous about it given the nasty choking experience we had a few months ago on a puree, and I’d love some suggestions from other mamas out there on what we should try.

What was your babe’s first finger food? Share your thoughts here!

6 thoughts on “Poll: What was your babe's first finger food?

  1. We also started with the puffs (well, daycare did, to be accurate) and quickly moved to whole peas. I used to cook them and then realized the hubby gave them to the kid frozen… which was perfect when she was teething! She also loved any beans– black beans, kidney beans, great northern…. I would cut them into very small pieces (halves or thirds) and she would eat them all day.

  2. Great ideas, Adriana and Jeanne! I cut very ripe banana into tiny pieces last night but he refused to eat any of it (even though he loves banana puree). Guess we have to practice at this finger food thing:)

  3. Peach puffs!

    She LOVES all of her finger foods. I seem to have the whole Gerber Graduates for Sitters & Crawlers in my cabinet!

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