Grossest Mama Moment

Normally I’ll blog about purees and other recipes for your babe, I promise. But today I’ve just got to share my grossest mommy moment so far. I know, it’s like saying, “Ew! This <whatever> tastes so disgusting. Want a bite?” But, to me, this moment was so unbelievable, so funny, and so gross, it must be shared.

Apologies if you only think it’s gross and not funny (like my husband).

Last night my neighbor Ashleigh stopped by.  Mason was  hopping up and down on my lap (facing me), giggling while Ashleigh and I were chatting. Warm liquid hit my face. “Did Mason pee on me?” I wondered, stunned. Impossible, he was fully dressed and dry. Reflexively I swallowed. OMG,  I just swallowed vomit — a mix, I suspected, of pureed beef, stomach acid, and formula. My giggling, hopping Mason now had a tiny trickle of white in the corner of his mouth. He projectile vomited straight into my mouth!! Ashleigh ran for a towel. I mopped up my face (and Mason’s) and then couldn’t stop laughing.  It was all so gross but so wickedly, insanely funny.

What’s your biggest gross-out mom moment?

6 thoughts on “Grossest Mama Moment

  1. …when my twins had 2 weeks of diahrea and their diapers leaked all over a white wicker magazine basket…full of magazines.

  2. I NEVER let my kids drink from my glass, cup, ANYTHING!
    This came about after I left a waterbottle sitting in “kid reach”. It was just after dinner and I was cleaning up in the kitchen while my water and toddler were playing in the living room. Finished and thirsty, I grabbed that clear plastic bottle and began to chug down. Then I saw it. Floaties of creamy spit. I gagged so badly that I induced vomit. Two more kids and I will dump whatever I am drinking if i even suspect for a second someone drank off it. Not very mommy glam, I know.

  3. Hi, just found your page from reddit. It is not an article I would regularly read, but I loved your thoughts on it. Thanx for creating a piece worth reading!

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