I'm Raising a Food Snob!

Gearing up for our road trip

Mason and I took a road trip to Washington, DC, Friday, to visit Chris. The Love of My Life  is currently commuting to the District from New York to work as a food critic. (Yes, super complicated sitch but Chris and I have been happily married for 8 years as of June 7 so we’re trying to make the best of it!) Usually Chris comes home for the weekend but we decided to switch things up this weekend, and our good friend Kevin offered to drive the babe and me (a bold offer to say the least). Fortunately Mason was  good — except when it came time to eat. Since we were traveling I  brought organic jarred food to avoid refrigeration hassles, but Mason would only take a bite or two before spitting out the food. Then screaming and screaming and screaming…

Unhappy with his dinner from a jar on the patio of a DC restaurant

This wasn’t the first time Mason’s rejected the jar. He’s been on a dozen flights and half a dozen road trips so we’ve served him jarred food before, but this trip made it pretty obvious it’s useless to try. I’ve offered him a dozen or so different fruits, veggies, and meats — all faves that I regularly make for him — from two different organic baby food brands and it’s always the same scene. He throws a fit every time I feed him from a jar or packet then ends up living on puffs, yogurt, and whatever table food I can mash up with a fork for the entire time we’re away. It stresses me out! Last night I ended up feeding him his dinner (peach yogurt and Banana-Avocado Puree) at 9:30 at night (the time we got home) because I wasn’t comfortable putting him to bed after he had only eaten banana puffs.

For our next trip, which just happens to be next week, I’m going to freeze a bunch of homemade food, pack it on ice, and hope for the best. Wish us luck! Have I spoiled my baby by cooking all his food? Is Mason the only nine-month-old food snob out there?

8 thoughts on “I'm Raising a Food Snob!

  1. Hahaha, love it! Although it may be a little stressful for you, I think you should be proud of yourself for raising a babe with a discerning palate.

  2. We got a little travel cooler and brought frozen cubes of our homemade puree on ice. That, plus the edibles that don’t need to defrost (avocado, banana, yogurt & applesauce) got us by. Took a lot of planning, but it was worth it! To help with the stress level: Just three more months, and he can basically eat whatever you’re eating. It’s much easier then!

  3. I always take homemade food for my girl (now 1). We have been traveling a lot since she was 5 months. I even take food on international flights (12-14 hrs). I take organic turkey hot dogs, cooked pasta with herbs, blueberries, bananas, baked sweet potato, pears, etc. Whatever tastes good not warmed up. I pack it in ziploc bags so I don’t even have to claim it. Only food in baby food containers (I like those colorful from ziploc too). Never had problems.

  4. Sounds delish, Magda! Your daughter is very lucky. I just took homemade eats for Mason on our flight over the weekend and all was OK:)

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