Why is the Sippy Cup So Damn Hard?

Mason will not drink out of a sippy cup. He just won’t. He loves to play with it, take it apart, dump it in his lap. But when it comes to washing down his broccoli and cheese or curried lentils by sipping from a cup, no dice. I’ve tried various kinds of sippy cups. I’ve tried tap water (his pediatrician’s preference because of the fluoride) and I’ve offered up bottled water. I’ve given him his sippy cup while he’s in the tub, thinking that it wouldn’t be so jarring when it spills it on himself. I’ve even drunk out of it, which just makes him laugh. Nothing I do has inspired the boy to  take a swig.

What have you mamas done to get your babe to drink from a sippy cup? At this point I’m worried he’s going to be the only one in kindergarten still drinking out of a bottle-:)

16 thoughts on “Why is the Sippy Cup So Damn Hard?

  1. Will never did drink out of a standard sippy cup either. Still hasn’t. We’ve used a set of cups with straws for a long time, they have a screw-on lid and flexy plastic in the lid where the straw connects. It has a valve in it so the cup doesn’t leak through the straw, but temperature difference will actually cause a cold drink to creep up the straw.

    Now Will is old enough to chew the straws and ruin the valves, so we’ve had some good results with these Take & Toss cups: http://www.thefirstyears.com/taketoss/p-1?locale=en_US

    No straw this time, we use the sippy cup lid. It doesn’t leak and there’s a variety of kids’ characters to pick from.

  2. We did the straw-cup thing, too. Nuby 2-handle straw cup from Target. Maybe he’d prefer this method?

  3. Don’t worry – the important thing is that he’s taking in fluids (not what he’s taking them in with). One of my sons took to the cup early, the other son took longer, and my daughter was on track (this is beginning to sound like a Fairy Story, but it isn’t – really). If he is healthy and happy in other ways (and it sounds like he is) then there’s nothing to worry about. He’ll get there!

  4. Yes! Same as others. I could not get my lil girl to drink a standard sippy cup either and was convinced she was going to be one of those too-old-to-be-drinking-from-a-bottle toddlers.
    Until one day I was drinking from a straw & my 13 month old looked intrigued by it, so I offered her my straw & she drank from it like a champ!
    So I went out & got her the munchkin brand cups with a flexi straw. Bye bye bottles!!!

  5. My oldest child never learned how to use a sippy cup. I had tried many different types of sippy cup and he just couldn’t drink from them. We used a straw cup instead and he had no problems with that. We used the Playtex straw cups and had no problems with leaking. I had bought some cool Lightning McQueen straw cups for him, but found they leaked everywhere.
    My youngest child is just learning how to drink from a sippy cup and he can drink from a regular cup just fine with my help.

  6. We also didn’t have success with a sippy cup – went to straw cups and regular cups (when I don’t mind water everywehre). We use a variety of straw cups – iPlay, Foogo (Thermos), and Nuby.

  7. My son was intrigued watching us drink when he was 4 months old and took to a sippy cup right away. My daughter on the other hand would do as Mason does and play with it. I spent so much money trying various sippy cups and figured that I would just be giving her bottles forever. She wouldn’t even try the straw cups. When she was around 11 months I found the NUK sippy cups. They have three stages and the top on them is like a bottle nipple. They also come in silicone and latex. My daughter had always refused silicone soothers and preferred latex ones (quite common for breastfed babies). This was the perfect cup and it got her started beautifully. Within 2 months she was trying her older brother’s thermos cups and some of the previously refused sippy cups. At almost 14 months she will now drink out of almost anything. Another hint, to get her started, I put 2 oz or less of apple juice and then filled the cup to the top with water. The sweetness was just enough to get her started, and now she will drink plain water.

  8. Great advice, everyone! Thank you so much. Glad my babe isn’t the only one who doesn’t love the sippy:)

  9. I took the valves out of our sippy cups and we’re having success that way. He likes the cheap-o Nuby brand from Walmart and his kid-sized Nalgene, no valve. I’d be inclined to skip sippies all together because I hate to wash them. He’ll be a year old on the 17th and is still nursing, so we’re probably going to continue bottles until he’s weaned. I’m not worried…he’ll be done with them when he’s ready.

  10. We spent alot of money on cups too… she finally settled for the straw kind 🙂

    SO at 15 months old she only drinks only from straws and has been since she was 9 months

    good luck!

  11. Straws. Both of my kids started with them. Sippy cup will probably come later. I think that, especially for kids who were breastfed, sippy cups are hard to manage because they have to tip it just right in order for the proper amount of fluids to come out without it spilling all over them or making them gag. With my youngest she never had a bottle and she can’t seem to grasp that she has to tip a cup to get something out of it. Start with somethign particularly tastey so that when they get it right it will be extra rewarding. (like grape juice)

  12. We had to transition our son into a sippy cup. He was the same way with his sippy cup. He treated it like it was a toy and the spout was a teether. Finally I found a sippy cup that Playtex makes (the same one that Paige mentioned) that has a spout shaped like a sippy cup, but is made out of nipple material just like a bottle. He loved that one and once he got used to it, he didn’t even seem to notice once I started switching it out for normal sippy cups. Hope this helps if none of the others’ ideas have. 🙂

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