Hunger Strike Part 2

Mason’s at it again. The last time we went out of town, I made the mistake of bringing jarred food and the babe refused to touch it. He’ll only eat homemade, apparently. As soon as we returned to New York he was back on track with his mom-made eats. Now he’s in DC this week with Chris while I’m on a business trip and he’s refusing to eat once again.

I thought I had it all figured out. I packed all of his homemade favorites, including Minty Peas, Baby Cheese Sauce, Tomato-Curry Lentils, Broccoli Puree, and two different kinds of yogurt. But when he got to the daycare — there’s a great one he visits when he’s down there — he refused to eat a bite. Bottles only and he fussed all day.

Last time the strike seemed to be about the food, it was a pattern I had seen before when I tried to feed him from a jar or packet. This time I fear he’s homesick and perhaps missing mommy. It breaks my heart. How’s that for working mom suckage?

4 thoughts on “Hunger Strike Part 2

  1. Aww. He’s totally missing his mommy. At least he’s taking the bottle. I’ll be interested to hear if he lasts the entire trip. I’d think he’d get hungry enough to give in.

  2. Hey. Dont worry, it is pretty normal! they all do it. i think they loose their appetite cause they are worried all the time if you will come back. As soon as he learns that it is ok to be at nursery / day care, and as soon as he settles in and be happy there, he will be fine. also, he sees the other kids eat and will get hungry too.
    And if he is teething at the same time, or maybe even have a flu or the start of a flu, that too can influence his appetite. You are fortunate that he took his bottle, some kids will starve themselves totally. Besides, kids wont let themselves starve up to a point where they will pass out of hunger. they will nibble when its really needed. You can pop in some finger snacks that he does not have at home normally, you might be surprized that it might be his choice of food. eg. cheese fish snacks. cherios, chockos. yogurt, apple, orange slice, cookie. everything that he can hold himself or eat by himself.
    Its not nice if your child did not eat the entire day at school cause he missed you, but he’s gonna ge home and will eat like you might never seen before 😀
    Stay strong, keep on encouraging him, reasure him that you are going to come back to pick him up, dont just drop and run, that is worse for them. they need to know you will come back. and even if he is small, they do understand.
    its ok, my son cried his heart out for 3mnts staight every day he went to school, then he stopped. my 2 girls were both fine the first week.

    You will both be fine.

  3. Honestly, I think it’s more about the traveling. Food is his one thing that he can control to do or not do. When he gets homesick, misses Mom, or simply isn’t liking the traveling then he uses food to protest. Frustrating I am sure, but maybe this might be a good experience to try new things.

    Some children are more apt to try new things when they’re bored, unhappy, not feeling well, etc. Maybe give him a carrot stick, a piece of celery, or a teething cracker to chew on. Giving him something to occupy himself that will eventually land in his belly might give him that push into eating again.

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