What Mason Ate Today, Part 2

On Fridays after work Mason and I meet up with a group of neighborhood moms and their babes. I’m so lucky to have met these women:  They’re dynamic, talented, and inspiring, my sisters in motherhood. Our kids are all about the same age and we can share any parenting quandary without fear of judgement — we’re all first-time moms who met during those particularly vulnerable postpartum months and we formed a bond. I can count on them. When my nanny had a last-minute doctor’s appointment that conflicted with a mandatory meeting at work, Diane arranged for her nanny to care for Mason. When I failed to find the frozen fruit-holding teether that so many moms think is a miracle, it was Florence who finally found it and bought one for Mason. And so on. Tonight we watched as Zann and Mason entertained sweet, serene Charlotte with their rambunctious little boy antics and we  marveled at how big they’re all getting. It’s amazing how much they’ve grown and how miraculous they all are.

Today was special for another reason. In addition to enjoying my time with the girls and watching Mason delight in his time with the other babes, today was another one of those days where Mason ate a fun variety of foods, everything that was served to him as well as a little of this and that from our plates. Here’s today’s magic menu. What did your babe eat today? Did he/she try anything new?


Oatmeal with yogurt mixed with organic peaches
Part of my cheese omelet
A few bites of blueberry muffin


1-1/2 veggie-filled meatballs
Organic sweet corn
Cherry applesauce
An organic strawberry, mashed


Organic apple puffs
Organic banana, diced


Chicken-apple soup
Organic sweet potato, diced
Greek yogurt with cinnamon-spiced blueberries and apples

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