9 Foods I'll Never Make My Babe Eat

I love to eat but there are certain foods that I just can’t stomach. In some cases, the texture freaks me out or the flavor conjures an unfortunate association. In other cases, the smell is a complete turnoff. There’s a chance I will get over some of my aversions, with the exception of 9 foods that bother me so much that I’ll never prepare them, let alone make Mason eat them. He’s certainly welcome to try anything on my list  — as long as he doesn’t expect mama to make it!  What’s your icky food list?

1. Runny eggs. The mucus-like texture, the fear of salmonella.

2. Liver. Cliche but one bite of this stuff is the most I’ll ever have.

3. Jell-O. I don’t like the way it slithers down my throat. Or the way gelatin is made.

4. Squab. If you’re a New Yorker, you get it.

5. Ostrich. It’s tough, leathery…or maybe that’s just the way it was prepared when I tried it.

6. Rabbit . The one thing here I’ve never tried. My childhood pets Sugar, Candy, and Amos would never forgive me.

7. Veal. I’m morally opposed to it and I find the smell and flavor repulsive.

8. Super thin, runny yogurt. Texture issue all the way.

9. Eel. Not a fan of the leathery, chewy texture, and I had the unfortunate experience of seeing one once.

Photo from freedigitalphotos.net

4 thoughts on “9 Foods I'll Never Make My Babe Eat

  1. Um I’m going to throw in… *and I hope I’m not getting anyone in trouble by being too brand specific here* …Hamburger Helper. The Cheeseburger one. When I was a kid my mom used to make this all the time and I got to a point where I couldn’t stand it one night. It just made me sick and my dad made me stay at the table all night ‘until it’s gone’, he said. I think I fell asleep at the table.

  2. I totaly agree with the runny eggs, my Dad likes them that way…I’ve always called them snoty eggs cause thats what they looked like…gag.

    But I would add baloney and spam…the stuff smells gross, tastes worse and is just nasty. My Mom use spam in alot of things when I was a child and now the smell of it now makes me gag. That and cheese wiz…yuck.

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