When Will You Introduce Peanut Butter to Your Baby?

I’m researching food holidays for a work project and I noticed this morning that National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month is in November. Mason’s little buddy Sal, who’s four days younger than Mason, has already tried peanut butter. Sal’s Mom introduced it to him when he was around 10-months-old after getting the okay from her pediatrician, and Sal loved the stuff (thankfully he wasn’t allergic to it). I’d love to give Mason natural peanut butter, in the form of a delish veggie dip, but I’m nervous that he’ll be allergic to it. Experts have differing opinions about the best time to introduce babies to highly allergenic foods but our pediatrician said to go for it as long as we only give Mason a tiny bit of peanut butter to start.  His advice makes sense to me but I’m still fretting, albeit illogically–Mason doesn’t have any food allergies so far (knock on wood!!) and we don’t have peanut allergies in our family. However, I’ve Googled the topic far too often and have read too many horror stories to be rational about the issue at this point. (When will I learn to stop Googling this kind of stuff?!)

Today’s poll: When will you introduce peanut butter to your babe?

5 thoughts on “When Will You Introduce Peanut Butter to Your Baby?

  1. Henry had a bite of my whole wheat peanut butter toast shortly after he turned 1. He wasn’t allergic and loved it. Our pediatrician only said to spread it thin.

  2. I just gave it to my 9 month old today, and he loved it! Our pediatrician recommended I dab a little on his upper lip and see what happened. The skin is really sensitive there, so if he was allergic he would have had a reaction.

  3. We gave natural PB on toast at 12 months. We were at the Ped’s office within the hour due to allergic reaction. It was terrible. We have been referred to an allergist for further testing. 😦

  4. Caroline & Jen: Great ideas and advice! Thank you so much.

    Jorasims: I’m so sorry to hear your babe had such an awful experience with peanut butter. Is everything OK now??

  5. Didn’t vote, as my answer is older than 3 years old. This is due to the fact my oldest daughter has a very severe peanut allergy (started reacting in less than 15 minutes of eating a small portion of a peanut butter cookie, peds office didn’t want us coming in — wanted us to call 911 and get to the ER immediately). There was no other food allergies on either side of the families — she is the first one! Only allergies are to sulfa (both my husband and I), and seasonal allergies … combined with her horrible eczema put her at an increased risk of allergies.

    So now, with this next one … we get to wait longer to introduce the top allergens (for sure peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, and possibly eggs. Dairy, wheat, and soy probably wait until around a year).

    And I also had an irrational fear of introducing peanuts — told my husband I would only do it on a day we had absolutely no other plans and could spend 8 hours in the ER (we ended up spending 5), and the place was clean so I could handle having paramedics in our house if needed. Hubby thinks now I knew on some level she was allergic because of how much I didn’t want to do it.

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