Fresh & Easy Finger Foods for Flying

Mason took his 15th flight yesterday. Since our trips always seem to conflict with Bug’s mealtimes, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to feed him in the air. We never mastered in-flight purees — more got on us than in Mason’s mouth due to turbulence  — but finger foods have been a snap. Bug has taken 4 flights since he started eating finger foods, and I think we finally have a great list of fruits and veggies that travel well, are easy for Mason to feed himself, and aren’t too messy. To prepare the fruits and veggies for travel, I dice them up into bite-size pieces and freeze them overnight in BPA-free containers. The next morning I pack the containers with ice packs in plastic Ziplock bags and tuck them in the diaper bag.  By the time Mason’s ready to eat, the produce is still fresh and the texture is soft but slightly firmer than usual (and easier for Mason to manage) from the freezing. Here are the fruits and veggies that have worked best for us.

1. Asparagus

2. Edamame

3. Sweet potato

4. Carrot

5. Green beans

6. Peas

7. Apple

8. Strawberries

9. Blueberries

10. Pear


Once Mason had his fill of fresh fruits and veggies we let him try half the cookie the flight attendant handed him when we boarded the plane. As you can see in the photo (above) Bug didn’t really know what to think of the crunchy, cinnamon-spiced cookie. In the end, he took a bite or two of it and then smeared the rest on Chris’ shirt.

What does your babe like to eat when you travel?

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