Food Play: From Yogurt To Finger Paint

I messed up at dinner last night. While Mason was eating a slice of brown rice bread topped with melted organic cheddar cheese, I fed him a spoonful of lentils that were apparently too hot. (Bug likes his food tepid — anything warmer than that just won’t do.) He immediately burst into tears and stuck his hand in his mouth. My heart broke. I knew I hadn’t scalded him — I tasted the lentils before I offered them to him and thought they were cool enough — but I hate to see him cry, especially if I did something to cause it. I gave him cold water as a peace offering but once the tears dried and I saw his reproachful expression it was clear that he’d be slow to forgive my blunder. Next I tried to feed him a spoonful of Greek yogurt mixed with organic banana and peach puree (recipe below).  He took one look at the spoon, shook his head no, and buried his face in the armrest of his high chair. I couldn’t blame the kid, I hadn’t exactly inspired his trust. I had given up on the lentils but I wasn’t ready to give up on the yogurt yet.

How to win his trust back…

I put the bowl of yogurt in front of him so he could see that it wasn’t the too-warm lentils. He flashed a huge smile,  dipped one hand in the yogurt, and smeared it all over his high chair before I could react. (When he was 3 months old we had a similar incident with mashed potatoes at a restaurant in Philly, but he was too young to realize what he was doing back then.) I had two choices: shut down the yogurt finger painting or let it happen just this once. I chose the later option. I thought it was so cute I texted a photo of him in the act to my mom. She texted back: “Suggestion, don’t let him paint with his food. I’ll bring him finger paint next time I come visit.” I see her point and I certainly don’t want to make a habit of letting Bug play with his food, but this was the first time I had ever let him indulge in some food play. The scene was too adorable for me to put the kabosh on it this time,  so instead I snapped more photos and laughed along with him. Sure enough, he lost interest 5 minutes later and finished all of his dinner. What would you have done? Do you ever let your babe play with his/her food? Share your stories here — and if you have photos, share them on our Facebook page!

Yogurt with Banana-Peach Puree


Full-fat Greek yogurt
2 fresh peaches
1 banana


1. Cook peaches. Drain, reserving some of the cooking liquid. Add sliced banana. Puree until you reach desired consistency.
2. Add two ounces of puree to two heaping spoonfuls of yogurt. Mix until well combined.
3. Freeze leftover puree for up to three months.
4. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

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