Do you microwave your babe's food?

I microwave Mason’s food sometimes. I make most of what he eats ahead, freeze it, and thaw it overnight in the fridge, but occasionally a little microwave action is necessary before I serve it to him. I like the microwave. It’s convenient and easy, and I have no problem heating up Mason’s food (or our food) in the microwave. In fact, it never occurred to me that I should be worried about it. Then I started writing this blog and a couple of moms asked me how to heat up their baby’s food without using the microwave.  I was a little surprised by the question —  I’ve always thought that if I use a microwave-safe container then there’s nothing to worry about — but I completely respect their point of view.  The topic of microwaving baby food came up again when I was on a flight back home tonight (I’ve been on a business trip since Monday) so I thought I’d throw it out to you all. I value your opinions! What do you think about microwaving your baby’s food? Do you do it, or are you opposed to it? Share your thoughts, or weigh in by taking this week’s poll.

7 thoughts on “Do you microwave your babe's food?

  1. Is there a reason microwaves are bad? I’ve often wondered. My pediatrician told me not to heat her milk for her bottle in the micro, but only because it heats it unevenly. I still do, I just stir it. But is there something about the way a microwave works that damages food? Am curious what you find out and what the poll shows!

  2. I think microwaving food is fine, however if one is worried about it, try heating food in a egg poaching pan. The slots for the eggs make it easy to heat a few things at once.

  3. I don’t have a microwave (when I first got married we had no space in our tiny kitchen) and we learned other ways to warm up food. We got used to warming food up in the toaster oven and on stove top. Now, years later I am used to not having a microwave, and it is manageable.

    On a side note, I have heard and read things about microwaves exposing some radiation to food. And some containers leave their chemicals in the cooked food. ( not sure how accurate)

  4. I make all my baby food, freeze & thaw out in fridge the night before too. However I do not microwave it. I read while I was pregnant not to microwave breast milk not only because of hot spots,but also because it removes some of the nutrients out of it. So my whole thought was why microwave the baby food if that’s what it does with milk? To warm up the baby food I just put it in a pot between 3-4 heat. Takes about 5min till it’s done.

  5. I make all my own homemade baby food, and I always use the microwave to reheat. I have these little 1-cup glass bowls that are actually hard to break- I’ve dropped them on the tile floor and not damaged them! Or I use Pyrex ramekins. I would never microwave any food in a plastic container. Some types of plastic (not all) do release potentially harmful chemicals into your food when you microwave them.

    Once my DD is old enough to try to feed herself, I will tansfer the warmed food to child-safe dishes before feeding- I still won’t microwave anything plastic.

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