Tuesday Timesaver: Strawberry-Banana Waffles in 10 Minutes


Thursday marks a major transition for us:  Mason will begin daycare. Chris stayed home with him for the first six months of his life — I had to go back to work after three months — and then we found a nurturing nanny who stepped in when it was time for Chris to go back to work. Now that Mason is a year-old, he’s ready for more stimulation and socialization than a few play dates a week in our tiny apartment, so we’ve decided to enroll him in a daycare where he’ll enjoy art and music lessons, daily Spanish lessons, trips to the playground, and so much more. He’ll make friends with other kids his age, and he’ll be on a solid schedule. I won’t have to worry about being late for work because my nanny is late once again, and I can get to Mason in 10 minutes if he needs me during the day.

Despite all the positives, I’m super nervous about this transition.  I’ve lost sleep over the logistics of just getting to daycare in the morning. Come Thursday my commute will go from a leisurely 10 minutes to a harried hour. Mason and I will need to stick to a strict routine instead of the looser one we generally follow in the morning. I’ll haul him in our borrowed Ergo up five flights of stairs to the subway platform, we’ll ride into the city, and then we’ll walk the remaining five blocks to daycare. If there were an elevator in my subway station then I’d bring the stroller, but the stroller I currently have is 25 pounds (the lighter one I ordered hasn’t arrived yet),  and I’m not buff enough to carry that stroller with 18 pounds of toddler in it up all those steps. Then there’s the trauma of leaving Mason with someone new. I’ve met both of his caregivers, I like them very much, and the daycare has an excellent reputation, but I’m still going to worry until I actually see that Mason is happy and thriving in his new environment.

With our mornings becoming so crazy, I’ve been looking for some new fast and healthy breakfast ideas. I brought up the issue at my regular Sunday workouts with a group of other moms in my neighborhood. My friend Diane mentioned that her son Zann loves frozen multigrain waffles in a pinch. Worth a shot, I thought. I purchased a box of 7-Grain Kashi waffles on the way home. I’ve never tried them since I’m gluten-free, but I liked how healthful the ingredients were. The next morning I toasted a waffle, topped it with homemade strawberry-banana puree, and cut it in tiny pieces that Mason could feed himself. I’ve never seen anything disappear from his plate so quickly. He loved it. I served chunks of fresh cantaloupe and pieces of organic cheddar on the side, and breakfast was complete. So easy. Thanks for the great idea, Diane!

What are your fave breakfast shortcuts?

Strawberry-Banana Puree


Fresh or frozen strawberries


Wash and slice strawberries. If berries are underripe, fill a medium saucepan with water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat until bubbles are soft. Add strawberries and cook 3 minutes. Drain and rinse berries with cold water. Combine in a food processor or blender with banana (use 1 banana per every 6 strawberries). Puree until smooth. Freeze leftover strawberry-banana puree in airtight containers for up to three months.

Photo courtesy of Kashi.com

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