Quick & Yummy Toddler Snack

crackersI work full-time and I’ve been without childcare for the last three days due to nanny drama. Mason starts daycare tomorrow (gulp) and my boss agreed to let me work from home so I wouldn’t have to find another babysitter for such a short time. It’s been a juggling act, however, it has worked out beautifully. I’ve enjoyed having the extra time with Mason, and I’ve been able to stay on top of all of my work since Mason entertains himself so well. But to get through these hectic three days with my sanity intact, particularly since Chris is working out of town, I’ve had to develop some new shortcuts. My friend Diane’s waffle idea proved to be a great one, and it will surely help us get out the door on time tomorrow morning. Yesterday, I discovered another handy shortcut: Crunchin’ Crackers by Earth’s Best.

I’m always on the lookout for smart snacks, and I discovered these crackers during my trip to the store last Saturday for hurricane “essentials.” Mason usually snacks on cut up veggies, fruit, and/or cheese, but I needed something nonperishable that I could stick in the diaper bag to help Bug survive sweaty subway rides. Yesterday, I also needed a snack that would help keep him calm in my office so we wouldn’t disrupt my coworkers. It was my boss’ last day in the company — she’s off to San Francisco for an exciting new adventure — and I wanted to bid her farewell one final time. She was a really special boss. As it turned out, the crackers were a hit. They eased the pain of our subway ordeal into the city, and my satisfied boy was in a happy, giggly mood when it came time to say our goodbyes.  What are your go-to snacks for the car or subway?

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