1st Day of Daycare: Off He Goes After a Breakfast of Crepes

schoolMason, taking in his surroundings on his first day of daycare

This was it. The big transition that I had been both looking forward to and dreading for weeks was finally here: Mason’s first day of daycare. I woke up at 6:30 this morning and dashed into the shower. If I can get my hair washed before he wakes up then I’m in good shape. If he’s already up then it will be 30 minutes before I can get into the bathroom, which means we’ll probably be late. I was in and out of the shower in less than 15 minutes; Mason started crying for me just as I finished wrapping my hair in a towel.  We whipped through his morning bottle, diaper change, and outfit change, then it was breakfast time — my favorite time of morning. For Mason’s First Day of Daycare Breakfast, he enjoyed a crepe filled with ham, Swiss cheese, and egg with a side of fresh cantaloupe.

I can’t take credit for making the crepe, it was left over from dinner last night. (There were no kiddie meals on the menu, so his plate was filled with two gigantic crepes with a mixed green salad.) Bug and I were both stir crazy from being in the house all day, with the exception of a few trips to our rooftop deck, so I took him to Cafe Henri, where he had his first birthday dinner. He enjoyed a crepe and diced tomatoes topped with scallions, while I dined on mussels with saffron sauce and frites. He washed it all down with whole milk, I opted for sparkling water. Bug was so happy to be out that he dazzled the other restaurant patrons with lots of smiles and giggles. It was a wonderful night, and I fell even more in love with my little boy.

cafehenriMason, waiting for his crepes to arrive for dinner at Cafe Henri

We were out the door by 8:15 this morning. The commute was quite a workout — 6 sets of stairs + a 5-block-walk uphill with 18 lbs of toddler strapped to me, a diaper bag, a laptop, and a purse — but we made it. I felt relieved to see other parents going through the same plight on the subway this morning. In his classroom, I put him down on the rug and he looked around, totally bewildered. After a few minutes he crawled over to me and lifted up his arms. I picked him up, kissed the top of his head, and carried him over to a stack of books. He flipped through one for a minute and then noticed two little boys playing with a pile of toys in the corner. He put the book down and crawled over to play with them. Five minutes there and already Bug was making new friends.

I didn’t linger, even though I wanted to. I took the advice Mandy posted on the High Chair Times Facebook page on Tuesday and slipped out the door without making a fuss. Bug was happy and I didn’t want to make my departure traumatic for him. I walked to work and felt a little empty inside, but I didn’t cry. The other parents had been super supportive and kind, as well as sweet to Mason, which reinforced the good feeling we had when we first visited the daycare. Plus, I need to get used to and accept these changes. My boy is growing up and this is the first of many milestones to come. Our breakfasts together will become even more important, and I’m going to make the most of that time by getting up early and trying new recipes with him. First up: Gingered-Banana Crepes, which I’ll make this weekend. What did your babe eat for breakfast this morning? Did he/she try anything new?

4 thoughts on “1st Day of Daycare: Off He Goes After a Breakfast of Crepes

  1. hi there…i’ve been reading for a while and i just wanted to say that you did great! i’m sure he’s going to do very well in daycare.
    crepes for breakfast is a great idea, they are easy to make and freeze well, so maybe i’ll make a batch in advance. 🙂 my little one had pureed peaches, pureed mango, chunks of kiwi, yogurt, and oatmeal with cinnamon for breakfast. he has two front top teeth coming in, so everything was soft!

  2. Courtney — Thank you so much! Sounds like your babe had a yummy breakfast too. Thanks for the great meal idea:)

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