Nominate Your Fave Parenting Blog for the Best Blog Awards!

Confession: I wasn’t a regular blog reader until I became a mom. Sure, I surfed food and wine blogs since I’m a food editor and I love food and wine — but I always did so with a specific purpose in mind, I was looking for a new recipe or searching for news on a specific vintage. I didn’t seek out these blogs every day just to see what the writers had to say. Now that I’m a mom, I crave the advice and perspective of other moms pretty much every day — Mason is constantly doing something new, and at least once a week I wonder Is this normal? Some of those blogs are on I always enjoy the stories on fellow New Yorker Jill Cordes’ blog Of Fi I Sing. I love  Tummywatch Tuesday, which is part of on Berit Thorkelson’s blog Love & Diapers.  I turn to Richard Rende, who writes Red-Hot Parenting, for perspective on the latest childhood development studies, and how could you not be inspired by Ellen Seidman’s blog To the Max? Other blogs that I enjoy, as you can see from my blogroll, include Mommyish and Ain’t No Mom Jeans. Point is, I’ll bet you have blogs by other moms or dads that you find yourself visiting every day. Now’s your chance to give those bloggers props by nominating them for a Parents blogger award.

4 thoughts on “Nominate Your Fave Parenting Blog for the Best Blog Awards!

  1. Mommy Rantings has a ton of informative articles that I have enjoyed over time! She’s a fantastic mom of now seven who spends time to help other bloggers and moms – she’s always there to answer my questions!

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