Is Apple Juice Poisonous?

Mason and I always watch the Today Show while we’re getting ready, and this morning a segment with Dr. Mehmet Oz caught my attention. Matt Lauer was interviewing the father of four about his claim that some brands of apple juice contain high levels of arsenic and are unsafe to consume. Dr. Oz delivered the news to his audience during his show yesterday, citing a study he commissioned on 50 different brands of apple juice. In his interview with Lauer, Dr. Oz defended his report, even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration called it inaccurate and said that all types of apple juice sold in stores are safe.  According to the Today Show‘s report:

Arsenic is a naturally occurring and inorganic heavy metal, and some levels of it are found in the air we breathe,
water we drink and in the ground. It is known to cause cancer and kidney problems. But while high levels of
inorganic arsenic can be fatal, the organic form is essentially harmless, says Stephanie Yao, an FDA spokeswoman.

The Dr. Oz Show only tested for the total amount, while the FDA tests for levels of both organic and inorganic, says
Yao. In fact, the FDA reviewed Oz’s test results and informed the show with a letter dated Sept. 9 that they couldn’t
be used to determine whether the juice is unsafe since it only measured the total arsenic. The FDA also told
that the agency tested the same apple juice lots as Oz did, and found arsenic levels well within safe limits, almost

“To try and interpret that data to mean that apple juice is unsafe, is misleading. It’s irresponsible, and I think they’re
needlessly scaring parents,” FDA scientist Don Zink, Ph.D, told

Mason hasn’t had juice yet but he will at some point in his life. I’m thinking of buying a juicer and making all of his fruit juice at home, but he’s bound to have store-bought juice at a friend’s house or his grandma’s house. Who do you believe:  Dr. Oz or the FDA? Will you continue to give your babe store-bought apple juice?

3 thoughts on “Is Apple Juice Poisonous?

  1. If you make homemade apple juice- how will you know if it contains anything toxic? At least with store-bought juice, you KNOW it’s been tested and found safe. If you buy apples and make your own juice, you’re just as much at risk of contaminants as if you buy it in the store. If not more so, since you homemade juice won’t be pasteurized.

    I guess that’s unless you grow your own organic apples at home. That’s the only way you’ll know for sure what’s been used on them.

    I’m about as anti-government as you can get but the FDA, I do believe, when it comes to insuring a safe food supply, does the best they can considering what they are.

    Besides- WHY exactly are you feeding your baby fruit juice? It has almost no redeeming nutritional qualities- it’s mostly just sugar, albeit natural sugar. It’s almost liquid candy. You lose all the fiber and most of the nutrients from the fruit. All it offers is vitamin c, which is one of the easiest nutrients to get from food. You had about as well to give them kool-aid.

    People think I’m crazy for not giving my daughter juice, but I see it as empty calories. I’d rather feed her an apple and let her drink water or milk. As babies and toddlers, if you don’t bring it into the house- they’ll never know the difference.

  2. GeorgiaPeach: I can understand your point of view. Mason hasn’t had juice yet because I’d prefer he drink milk and eat a piece of fresh fruit instead.

  3. I think Georgia Has a good point there…there isnt much nutrition in apple juice unless you eat the apple itself then you are getting more out of the apple that juice is mostly sugar..good or bad sugar isn’t the issue..

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