The Hot Dog Song & Random Playthings

singingcardWhat’s better than a card that plays the Hot Dog Song? Enjoying that card with the pacifier that’s usually reserved for bedtime.

Disclaimer: This post only has a marginal connection to food. I give a recommendation for delish organic chicken sausages — you’ve got to try them — but my real focus is random everyday objects that become baby/toddler toys. I’ll dish on Mason’s new fave, plus his old standbys, and I hope you’ll share what your babe’s faves are too!  Here goes.

When Mason turned one last month his cousin Natalie gave him a birthday card that plays the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song when you open it. He’s obsessed with it. On Sunday, he sat on Chris’ lap and opened and closed the card over and over again, for half an hour. I’m not sure which one of my boys had more fun, and it was amazing to see my little boy sit statue-still for 30 minutes. I can’t even get him to sit still long enough for me to read Dr. Seuss’ ABC book to him.

I think it’s the catchy tune, not the word “hot dog,” that Bug loves so much. He doesn’t know what a hot dog is, he’s never eaten one. (The closest thing to a hot dog that he’s consumed is Applegate’s organic chicken and apple sausage — a great, quick and easy alternative to regular chicken breast.) If I had known a simple card would be this entertaining I would have purchased half a dozen like it months ago! In addition to the card, Mason is currently mesmerized by measuring cups, plastic spatulas, plastic spoons, and water bottles.

Is there a random household item that your babe loves to play with? What is it? Dish here!

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