He Finally Fed Himself His Own Bottle!

Go Mason — you did it!

The bottle blues are finally over. While Mason was eating his banana and pasta shells filled with cheese and veggies  for dinner tonight, he motioned for his bottle of whole milk.  It was on the counter, just out of his reach. I picked it up and was about to feed it to him when he snatched it from me and fed it to himself. I was so excited I nearly fell off my chair. I started cheering and clapping, Bug laughed but kept drinking away. Then he used his bottle to smash what was left of the pasta on his tray.

Smash away, Bug — just please keep feeding yourself that bottle.

I’ve heard that kids develop new skills fast while in daycare, but this feels like a miracle. Just last week one of Mason’s teachers told me that Bug threw a fit every time they tried to get him to feed himself his own bottle. I stood there, totally embarrassed. I knew that Feed Me Now Fit and it wasn’t pretty. Finally, it all clicked. Who knows why Mason picked tonight to finally take this next step, but mommy and daddy couldn’t be more proud.

3 thoughts on “He Finally Fed Himself His Own Bottle!

  1. Hello Heather (Mason’s mother),
    Yes, Kids are growing up so fast.
    My son (Logan) is same class at the daycare.
    I have been enjoying your blog for a while.
    What a coincidence! I noticed your son is same class with my son!!

  2. Our son wouldn’t drink a bottle on his own for awhile either. He didn’t feel like tipping it up high enough, so we used cups with straws–he’s good at sucking on a straw. But some time ago he did decide to drink from a cup normally and all’s good now. 🙂

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