My Big Announcement


No, baby #2 isn’t on the way. I’m not “knocked up,” as my fellow blogger Berit would say, but my announcement is about pregnancy.  As it just so happens, I’m the new pregnancy editor for — my first day on the job is tomorrow! Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, expecting a baby, or thinking about when to have your next baby, you’ll find lots of great resources on, including an awesome app that helps you track every detail of your pregnancy in one place, a gender prediction chart, and the best baby name finder out there. And there’s lots more — and even more to come! If there’s something that you’d like to see on’s Pregnancy Channel that isn’t already there, feel free to email me and let me know all about it (

Photo: Here I am back in late spring 2010, when I was 28 weeks pregnant with Mason. As an editor and someone who’s been pregnant, I’m looking forward to bringing you the best pregnancy advice and resources out there.

To read accounts from other pregnant women, check out our blogs. We have two bloggers who have announced their pregnancies recently. Berit writes Love & Diapers and she’s currently in her second trimester with baby #2, a girl. I love her weekly Tummywatch Tuesday series — it’s been fun to watch her adorable baby bump grow — as well as her candid take on morning sickness, breastfeeding, and sleep deprivation. Then there’s Jill Cordes, who writes Of Fi I Sing, and is expecting baby #2, a boy. Jill has written courageous posts about taking antidepressants while pregnant, and I admire her bravery and honesty so much. I think you’ll love their blogs as much as I do, so check them out next time you have a minute!

As for this blog, I’ll definitely continue to write High Chair Times. I’ve had so much fun sharing recipes and stories with all of you that I can’t imagine stopping! My favorite part about writing this blog is hearing from you. I love it when you tell me that you’ve tried one of the recipes on this blog and it’s been a success, and I really enjoy it when you share stories with me and the other readers of High Chair Times about your babe. Many of us seem to be going through the same triumphs and trials, and it’s incredibly reassuring to know that we’re all in it together. Feel free to email me about recipes or topics that you’d like me to cover on the blog as well:)

2 thoughts on “My Big Announcement

  1. Rebecca — Never! Mason will be 5 and I’ll still be strapping him in a high chair so I can write this blog:)

    Many thanks for your support!

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