Tuesday Timesaver: 15 New Quick & Easy Finger Food Combos

Best for Babies 12+ Months Old

It’s been four months since Mason started eating finger foods. When he’s not pulling his food camel act he’s digging into some pretty interesting foods, both at home and in restaurants in New York City and Washington, DC. It’s more challenging now to take him to restaurants–he loves to throw food, which is frustrating at home and downright embarrassing in public–so I imagine we’ll be cooking at home even more than usual until we get that little habit under control.

At 14-months-old Mason can eat pretty much anything, but he hasn’t tried peanut butter yet due to my irrational fear of peanut allergies. He still doesn’t have very many teeth (only four right now), but he didn’t have any teeth when he started eating finger foods and I was amazed by all of the foods that he managed to gum up.  Bug still loves the list of finger food combos that we shared with you back in June, and we still rely on this go-to list of finger foods when we fly, but now he has some new faves.

Check ’em out — and share what your babe’s faves are, too!

1. Pumpkin-filled ravioli and zucchini (pictured above)
(Disclaimer: I buy the ravioli packaged, I haven’t made it yet.)

2. Roasted salmon and blueberries

3. Zucchini-oat bread with raisins and cheddar cheese

4. French toast and orange slices

5. Roast chicken with roasted red pepper hummus and Fuji apple

6. Chicken-apple sausage and Anjou pear

7. Fruit pockets and Canadian bacon

8. Penne with meat sauce and cantaloupe

9. Filled pasta shells and banana

10. Garden veggie mac ‘n’ cheese and pineapple

11. Honey-baked ham and red grapes
(I use high-quality, thinly sliced ham from the deli)

12.  Cinnamon-raisin bagel with low-fat cream cheese and peaches

13.  Organic pepperoni and cantaloupe

14. Roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, and feta cheese

15. Oatmeal-blueberry muffin and Swiss cheese

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