My Big Juice Debate: Should Mason Drink It or Skip It?

I drank a lot of juice when I was a kid. My twin sister and I fell in love with prune juice first. I suspect my mom gave it to us at one point to correct tummy troubles — but then we enjoyed it so much we kept asking for it even when our tummies weren’t troubled. Apparently we liked it too much because she finally put a limit on our prune juice intake and informed us that it was making us “go to the potty too much.”  After that, we never touched the stuff again. We moved on to orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, white grape juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice — you name the juice, we probably drank it. My sister loved juice so much I swear her first word was “juice.”

Mason, on the other hand, has never had a drop of juice. He drinks whole milk and water and that’s it.  My rationale for not giving it to him is that it’s better for him to just eat a whole piece of fruit instead of drinking a sugary glass of juice. All of Mason’s friends, however, drink juice mixed with water. For now, Mason is too young to realize that his water doesn’t have the same fruity twist that his little buddies enjoy. But soon he’ll be old enough to realize his sippy cup isn’t filled with the sweet stuff. Am I depriving Mason by not giving him juice? Am I making much ado about nothing? Mamas, please weigh in!

8 thoughts on “My Big Juice Debate: Should Mason Drink It or Skip It?

  1. Are you still having troubles with a sippy cup? Maybe juice will be the ticket to get him to use it? My son (16 months) doesn’t like apple juice but will drink OJ. I don’t water it down. He has OJ twice or three times a week or so. I wouldn’t be concerned about him caring about what’s in his friends’ cups. At the end of the day, do what feels right for your son and your family.

  2. I haven’t given my 10 month old juice yet either. For the exact same reason. My sister gives my niece juice and chocolate milk from her sippy cup all of the time. She loves it so much. But, I do get concerned about all of the sugar she’s drinking and I don’t want my son to drink in that much sugar. So, I say skip it as long as you can.

  3. Our Pedi told us that our baby didn’t need juice. So, at 15 months, he has not had a drop. It was different than when we had our 10yr old. It was juice and milk back then. He will not drink a drop of water….go figure

  4. I have been thinking about exact same thing.

    My Son Logan (15 month) has never had a drop of juice as well. I use apple juice for cooking (making muffin etc) instead of using sugar.
    I just wanted to wait until he drink milk with sippy cup. He drink water with sippy cup but not Milk.

  5. We only offer water and whole milk to our 1year old, and thats the plan for the future. He loves water, and I’d hate to offer him something that made him turn down water. My pediatrician feels very strongly that juice really just isnt necessary, and we’re happy to go along with it!

  6. I give my 16m old daughter juice, but only 100% juice that doesn’t have any added ingredients (especially sugar). That’s how I get her to take her liquid vitamins, I put them in the juice. I don’t feel like it’s bad to give to her over real fruit as the ingredients are just that – fruit only. I also limit it to 6oz of juice/day and that includes mixing some water in with it too to dilute it a bit.

  7. We have 4 kids 10-16, none drank juice except an occasional glass of OJ with a big breakfast on the weekends. Our ped advised us not to get started. Milk with meals, and water when they’re thirsty. So far no sugar addiction and no weight issues. He thought kids walking around carrying sippy cups or bottles was not a good concept. Same thing with Cheerios, etc., in Church as a way to pacify the kids. Don’t use food, pack a small bag with soft things, or books for them to read, that they only get once a week at Church. It sure did the trick.

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