Perfect Pumpkin Recipes & Virtual Pumpkin Carving for Toddlers

Halloween is just a week away and pumpkins are everywhere I look: on porches, in Mason’s classroom, on my iPhone (more on that later). I’m sort of obsessed with pumpkins right now — really, with everything related to Halloween as we plan for parties this weekend and check Mason’s costume one last time to make sure it still fits — which is why I’m switching gears today and writing about pumpkins instead of a “Tuesday Timesaver” strategy or recipe. More time-saving strategies next week, I promise.

I love this time of year and all the pumpkin decor, but my favorite way to enjoy pumpkin is on my plate. Even Mr. Picky seems to feel the same way and he’s actually (gasp) eating the pumpkin goodies I give him. We put pumpkin in soups, breads, pasta, spreads — pumpkin is so versatile you can make it savory or sweet. It’s in season from mid-fall to Thanksgiving, so we have plenty of time to enjoy it, too. Check out some of our fave pumpkin recipes and ideas, and share yours.

Pumpkin Pancakes — Chris’ specialty — hopefully we can talk him into making a batch this weekend (hint, hint if you’re reading this Chris). We make a gluten-free variation with gluten-free, all-purpose flour from Bob’s Red Mill.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread — Make this the night before — it’s awesome on toasted cinnamon-raisin bagels.

Pear and Pumpkin Soup — This easy, tasty 25-minute soup makes a great side dish.

Pumpkin Muffins — This make-ahead bread makes a yummy snack or breakfast.

Pumpkin-Filled Ravioli — Purchase prepared pumpkin ravioli (like I do), or try this recipe.

And now for the “later” that I mentioned above…

In addition to eating pumpkin, Mason enjoys playing with pumpkins on my iPhone. He can’t get enough of the free Carve-a-Pumpkin app, and he’ll spend chunks of time fiddling around with it on his own. Of course he needs my help to actually do anything with the app, which is fine because I enjoy playing with it too. I’m also psyched that my iPhone holds a new attraction for Bug–otherwise he’d be dialing the numbers saved to my phone, scrambling the order of my apps, or (gulp) deleting something. Check it out and let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Perfect Pumpkin Recipes & Virtual Pumpkin Carving for Toddlers

  1. we loved the carve a pumpkin app too. my 9 month old is loving simply baked pumpkin with a lil sugar and dash of cinnamon. thx for your blog, though it, at times, makes me feel a little adequate. we order pizza every Friday night. he eats the pizza with us. his big sister shares her’s with him. there is nothing wholesome about it except the calcium/protein and tomato sauce. no whole grains, etc. my 3 yo daughter makes her own microwavable Mac n cheese. I tried to get her to eat “annie’s” but she prefers the generic, go figure. oh, and I pull up your blog on harvest produce at least once a week. apple, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus tonight. before sweet potatoes and squashes. they have all turned out beautiful. Ty again

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