Stomach Bug Gone, We're on to Beets, Lentils & Halloween Partying

Mason is into everything again. Fortunately the stomach bug that hit him at school on Wednesday was short lived. I’m thrilled to report that the little girl he threw up on did not catch it. I stopped by school Friday to bring her a gift from Mason —  new threads to replace the ones she was wearing Wednesday — and I was delighted to see her playing with the other kids. Mason wasn’t around to give her the gift himself, even though he was back to normal by Friday morning, because we kept him home for an extra day just to be extra sure he wasn’t contagious.

Mason is feeling so great he’s eating everything we’re offering him, no Mr. Picky act today. Once he ate (and kept down) our stomach bug foods, he moved on to cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese, pear, cheese toast, green beans, and lentils. Today for lunch he enjoyed mac ‘n’ cheese and beets. As much as he’s loving real food again, he’s even more thrilled to get his beloved milk back. He drank two bottles of it first thing this morning.

With the stomach awfulness behind us, we’re heading to a Halloween party this afternoon. Lots of Mason’s little friends will be there and my friend Diane is whipping up an amazing spread. I’m bringing a Apple-Cherry Crisp for dessert (recipes to come Monday, along with pics of the kids in their costumes!). Do you have any fun plans for Halloween?

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