Hooray! We Love Our New High Chair

I have a huge crush. He’s tall and handsome. He’s a huge help around the house. He fits right in with our family and he even looks good in our apartment. He’s comfy and holds Mason close so Bug can’t prop his little feet up on the tray (Yeeeeees!). He’s also a snap for us to clean up. He’s known around town as the Boon Flair Pneumatic Pedestal Highchair and I don’t know how we got by without him. Yes, our new high chair rocks.

Our first high chair was the pits. We tested another high chair out last month, which I loved– until the coating on the tray started to peel off!! To find high chair #3, I consulted the Parents.com high chair buying guide. Our previous system of going by aesthetics was failing us big time.  I fell in love with the Boon high chair’s sleek design and the promise of easy clean-up, and I ordered it right away. I haven’t been disappointed yet. The review on the site was bang-on, and I think this high chair is our keeper.

Photo: Enjoying pumpkin pancakes this morning in his new high chair.

Have you tested out any cool new baby products lately?

One thought on “Hooray! We Love Our New High Chair

  1. I have this high chair….I can HONESTLY say it was the best investment in baby gear besides the Baby Bjorn that I made. Its cleanability is what saved us on our daughters 1st birthday. Hot pink icing does NOT come out of fabric or cushion creases very well. A little clorox bleach spray and our baby has a completely sanitary eating chair every meal. The pneumatic lift isnt too shabby either. Plus, Mia has repeatedly dropped her drinks on the silver base and it has never cracked. I give it 10 stars. Comes in a variety of colors.
    Only thing to be aware of is that the seat cushion is not stain resistant bc its BPA free…so purchase one with a colored seat cushion.

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