Your Take on “Moms” & Pizza In a Pinch

Thank you for the time you spent reading, sharing, liking, laughing at, hating on, and/or commenting on my last post, 10 Moms to Avoid (Or Just Ignore).  I enjoyed the spirited debate. Some of you loved the post, some of you hated it. Take it with a grain of salt, I wrote it in a humorous spirit (that’s a parody of me, left, typing away!). I admired the moms who fessed up to being like the moms on the list. Without a doubt I have my moments as well, particularly as the worst-case scenario mom: Remember when I called Mason’s pediatrician on a Saturday the first time he choked on food? He was happily playing by the time I reached the pediatrician but I was convinced the choking happened because he had a chicken allergy and his throat was closing. Irrational, for sure, but I was really scared.

Now, back to the business of writing about feeding my babe — and hopefully giving you some good meal ideas for yours.

Mason has been less picky this week — Please tell me I didn’t just jinx myself –– but he’s going through a nasty bout of teething and sometimes he cries when he bites into something that’s too crispy. He only has four teeth so I don’t see an end to this challenge any time soon. To help fill him up, and keep his gums from getting too sore during dinner, I’ve been giving him ice-cold smashed fruit or bite-sized pieces of soft fruits (banana, pear, grapes, berries) and cooked veggies (corn, peas, green beans, sweet potato) as side dishes.  For his main dishes, he’s been enjoying lentils spread on toast, chicken-apple soup, and filled pasta shells. I like all of these options because they’re easy to chew, make in advance, and reheat. We don’t get home until 6:30, usually, and Mason is tired and hungry. Who can blame him? Plus, I’d rather play with him than spend hours in the kitchen.

Right: Who knew lentils on toast could be so funny?

Best for Babies 12+ Months

Last night I let Mason splurge a little — he eats healthfully most of the time but I believe in the occasional splurge — and I gave him pizza. I usually buy gluten-free pizza crusts and we make our pizzas at home, but last time I was grocery shopping I picked up a Whole Grain Cheese Pizza from Earth’s Best to stash in the freezer for the next time I got into a dinnertime crunch. Thursday night qualified — we didn’t get home until 6:45. I had to run a couple of couldn’t-wait errands on the way home and Mason had understandably hit a wall. Big time. I topped his  pizza with spinach, chicken sausage, and cooked carrots. I liked that the crust was healthier than a typical pizza crust since it was made with organic whole-grain wheat flour, and the sauce was made from organic tomatoes. I also liked that it was a cheese pizza so that I could customize it for Mason. The entire thing took about 10 minutes to bake — and he enjoyed it!

What quick dinner ideas have you found especially helpful lately?

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