Cute Photo Alert: First Chocolate Chip Cookie

Mason’s having a sweet time this weekend. We loved the moment that he tried his first chocolate chip cookie tonight, and we thought you might get a kick out of it, too. (The cookie wasn’t homemade, it was from a local bakery, but when I do make chocolate chip cookies I like this back-of-the-bag recipe.) Bug only ate a couple of bites — he threw the rest on the floor, like everything else — but he managed to get it everywhere. We took him straight from the high chair to the bathtub.

Here’s to hoping that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving — and you’re having a sweet time with family and friends this holiday weekend:)

One thought on “Cute Photo Alert: First Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. Super cute pic! I bet the more he has the more he’ll want, not that you want to encourage that! I bought a bucket of little choc chip cookies from Trader Joe’s about a month ago. Every morning she goes to the frig (where i keep them) and says “cookie, cookie.” I usually give in, but now, she wants TWO. If there is only one in her hand she says “other”…so now, in my infinite wisdom, I break the tiny cookie in half. But it’s like eating two crumbs, so I don’t feel guilty. She still eats an egg after….

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