Did You Like Your Breastfeeding Bust?

Entertainment Tonight correspondent Samantha Harris recently told PEOPLE that she’s “happy her breastfeeding bust is gone”:

“There are a lot of women in Hollywood who are known for their bodies because of their cleavage — that’s something that I usually lack, and I’m okay with that,” the 37-year-old host told PEOPLE. “Except when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, there was an abundance.”

“I’ve decided that cleavage is for the men, but in practicality, if you asked most women out there, dealing with a large bosom is difficult to do going through life,” she says. “I don’t like the fashion choices I had to make when I was larger there … and exercise was no fun because you had to do double [the] sports bra and you feel constricted.”

Harris has two daughters: Josselyn Sydney, 4, and Hillary Madison, 10 months,

I didn’t breastfeed Mason for long but, looking back, I’ll admit that I enjoyed having a  chest that  that was literally twice its normal size. Unfortunately I was so worried about what my breasts weren’t doing (producing enough milk) that I didn’t spend enough time appreciating what they were doing, nor did I take a minute to actually enjoy my new body. What about you? Did you (or do you) like your breastfeeding bust? Take our poll now!

2 thoughts on “Did You Like Your Breastfeeding Bust?

  1. Yes I loved my breastfeeding boobs, cause I don’t have much to begin with so a little more was nice. I miss them now that they are gone. That is not to say I would never get them enhanced, I like my normal size I just loved having a little more, it;s a personal thing, not for guys or anything

  2. When my milk first came in, I did not enjoy my huge, swollen boobs at all. After a few weeks they returned to a somewhat normal size and I enjoyed them very much. Mostly because they were providing my baby’s sustanance. After we stopped nursing though, my breasts lost volume and are now smaller than they were before I got pregnant. Bummer.

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