Jessica Simpson Isn't Trying to Make New Moms Feel Fat

Tonight I’m veering off-topic. Normally this blog is about feeding your baby and toddler, but I’ve got baby weight on the brain. (Blame it on the day job: I’m’s Pregnancy Editor!) I’m not talking about my own baby weight, which is gone at this point, I’m talking about Jessica Simpson’s baby weight. The starlet isn’t due until early next year, but how she’ll shed those post-pregnancy pounds is already a hot topic.

If you haven’t heard, the New York Post is reporting that Jessica did indeed “ink” an estimated $3 million deal  with Weight Watchers. (Rumors have been swirling about a deal for weeks.) “‘After having her baby, she’ll start with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight,'” according to a source quoted by the Post. “Simpson has another reason to get in shape fast — she hopes to wed her fiancé, Eric Johnson, soon after she gives birth.” Since that report came out, I’ve been reading some pretty harsh criticism on — and I just don’t get it.

There’s still a lot of speculation about the terms of the agreement,  but I don’t see anything in the Post‘s article about Jessica going on a crash diet the second she pushes the baby out. Rather, it’s noted that she’ll start working with a reputable weight-loss program to lose her baby weight. What’s so wrong with that? Is it because she’s monetizing it?

In my opinion, Simpson is making a responsible decision. Some Hollywood celebs promote an unhealthy body image, and they lose their baby weight in ways unknown at lightning-speed, but Jessica Simpson has never struck me as one of those celebrities. (In fact, the press repeatedly calls her fat.) I interpret the deal as her making a sound weight-loss plan. Furthermore, Jessica Simpson will not be the first new mom to turn to a weight-loss program in the postpartum months. Nor is she the first new mom who has hoped to lose her baby weight soon after her baby is born.

If a factual report comes out that Jessica’s deal includes crazy weight-loss tactics, then I’ll take all of this back. But for now, based on what we know, I say that we give Jessica a break. Who’s with me?

36 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Isn't Trying to Make New Moms Feel Fat

  1. I agree with you! I gained 80 pounds while pregnant, and as my son just turned a year last month, I still have 50 to lose 😦 I dont see anything wrong with her losing weight in a healthy manner and why not get paid off of doing it? I know I would if I could!

  2. I think it’s great to lose the baby weight in a healthy way, but come on…she hasn’t even had the child and she is already inking a deal? Nothing like making those of us struggling to lose the weight (and I am doing it in a healthy manner by exercising and watching what I eat) feel like slackers.

  3. I agree 100%! Why not have a healthy plan in place? I bet most moms (myself included!) didn’t have a weight loss plan pre-birth. If I had either time, maybe I would have been more motivated to lose the weight quicker. People LOVE to pick apart other moms…whether it’s about nursing vs. formula, pacifiers vs. no pacifiers, cloth diapers vs. disposable, and the list goes on and on and on. Give moms a break! Support mommies and give kudos to a celebrity planning for healthy, reasonable weight loss post-baby.

  4. If they are going to give Jessica flak for agreeing to do it and be a spokesperson for Weight Watchers then they need to go after every women who they’ve paid to use their plan proving it works. Weight watchers isn’t a fad diet it is a lifestyle change. It teaches you how to eat and what to eat. Jessica is doing what she thinks is best to give herself and her baby a healthy life.

  5. I think there are just too many “haters” out there. Everyone making those negative comments would probably be doing the same if they had the opportunity. BUT most of us don’t have those opportunities.

    I’ve been given crap about loosing all my baby weight within months of having my son. I had gained 50 lbs and lost it all after 2-3 months of giving birth. I did not work out or change my eating habits. In fact I think I started eating more junk (at least one candy bar a day) after having my son. It’s just my genetics. I hate when people give me crap about something I cannot change.

  6. I think people are taking this too personally. She isn’t trying to make anyone feel bad… She is being proactive, which I think is a wonderful idea. Usually when our babies are born we get do swept up by their infantile cuteness and the struggles of a being a new mom that we often forget about our selves or our goals to lose weight. I know it happened to me. I had all intentions to lose the weight fast. Which I did lose some but gained most of it back. Now 20 lbs light than I was before delivery(gained 60) I have number 2 on the way… I think she is doing what she thinks is best for her and everyone needs to lay off.

  7. If people disagree with what she plans on doing, then they’re just jealous cause they wish they could do the same! I’m sure that every last one of us who have been pregnant (especially during the last trimester when you feel bigger than a whale) have all thought of ways of losing that baby weight as soon as you have your bundle of joy. It’s natural to look at yourself in the mirror (50-70lbs heavier) and plan a way to get rid of it all. Ofcourse we love that all the weight was gained for a good reason, I mean come on, we ate well, and more so, for our babies. But that doesn’t mean we want to keep the weight on forever. The only difference between us and Jessica Simpson is she is in the public eye, so everyone knows her business. But ladies, you know if you had the chance to lose the weight with help of a popular diet program, you’d take it! Let her be!

  8. Poor girl gets flak for everything she does so this is no surprise! Good for her for planning ahead in a healthy way! I’ll be looking forward to watching her progress as I will have some post baby weight to lose early next year as well!

  9. I started Weight Watchers within months of having my first baby. WHY NOT? It’s wonderful to be able to lose your baby weight quickly and safely and get back to feeling like yourself again. Looking good, again, in your pre-pregnancy clothes is a wonderful feeling and makes for one happy mama. BESIDES– Weight Watchers has custom-tailored plans for new moms and nursing moms. Having a plan post pregnancy is just the smart thing to do. Otherwise, you’ll have weeks and weeks of fattening meals brought to you by loving family and friends that you’ll gorge on. Not to mention the fact that sometimes it takes time to switch out of the , “I’m pregnant and eating for two” mentality post pregnancy. Kudos to Jessica. (Plus, if you got 3 million to do have help losing your baby weight quickly, you’d do it too).

  10. I’m totally with you. She wants to lose weight a healthy way after having a baby (something a lot of mothers want) and this is a reason to criticize her?

    Its especially insulting since, as you noted, these people saying these things are the same ones who spend their days calling her fat. Its disgusting.

  11. Im only 7 months pregnant, and I already have my post-pregnancy weight loss all planned out. It includes a healthy eating plan and exercise. I even have a 5k race scheduled. I don’t see how this is any different than Jessica planning a healthy means to get her figure back.

    I think it is incredibly short sighted not to look ahead toward the different nutritional needs that you will have as a nursing mom. And exercise is just the best medicine period.

  12. I joined WW last year to lose the last 20 pounds of baby weight (2 years after my baby was born LOL). I lost 22 pounds and then immediately got pregnant again! 9 days after my daughter was born, I was back at WW. I’ve lost 23 pounds in about 12 weeks. WW is amazing! I’ve lost the weight in a very healthy manner and time frame. Had it not been for their plan, I most likely would have done a crash diet and not been getting enough nutrition to nurse my daughter. I wish somebody would have offered ME $3 million to do it!!! I’m not a huge Jessica Simpson fan, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. I knew I’d be joining again ASAP after giving birth.

  13. If she’s doing it in a healthy way I don’t see why Jessica’s desire to feel good about herself matters so much to everyone else in a negative way. If you feel like a slacker, maybe now is a good time to get your own healthy weight loss plan together. I did it and was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes by 5 months-eating healthy, exercising slowly and taking care of myself and my precious baby. Be inspired by Jessica, not jealous.

  14. Most of my blog has been focused on body image issues before, during and after pregnancy. I have been on WW since 2004 and nursed while on WW … it can be done … but I just worry Jessica will go to the extremes and restrict even when following the program. I also am sad she is already focusing on this … it’s hard enough being a new mom, and that added pressure doesn’t help. I lost the 25 lbs I gained in 4 mths … but it took 9 mths to get my body back. I just hope her expectations are realistic. Motherhood is amazing…and it’s about way more than your jeans size. I’m all for using WW as a tool — I’m still a member after all! — but just make sure it doesn’t become a weapon. That happened to me (pre-baby) and led me into an evil spiral of disordered eating.

  15. She has a plan in place. Signs of a responsible woman, wife and soon to be mother. I applaud her. With obesity affecting Americans at an alarming rate– this conversation should be short and simple. “Excellent decision. How do we get others to follow suit, in there own, meaningful way?”. Period. The end.

  16. People need to grow up! All moms want to lose the baby weight, so what’s the big deal? The fact that she’s a celebrity and is getting money for it? If you could lose weight and bring in a hefty paycheck while you do, wouldn’t you? Good grief! Get a life, haters, and find something productive and positive to do!

  17. Really? What’s wrong with planning before the baby gets here? You plan to have a baby, and get all the stuff ready for after the baby is, why shouldn’t getting yourself back into shape be one of the things that you plan for?

    People are too quick to judge.

    I am 8+ months pregnant and I get excited thinking about getting my butt back to it’s original shape. No shame here.

    Lay off the poor girl…

  18. I think the fact that people have a problem with this shows the culture of laziness and bad eating that has over taken our country. Good for her for being proactive about getting healthy and having pride in her apprearance. I recall her being very outspoken about not wanting to be Hollywood’s version of thin a long time ago, so I think this makes her a role model for healthy body image.

  19. The only thing disappointing to me about this is that if she is so concerned with losing the baby weight, then it is highly unlikely that she will be breastfeeding her child. Yet again, another awesome celeb slim down post baby that shows that they are more concerned with their own bodies than the health of their child. It’s sad that our country is so comfortable with the substitute to actually do what we were meant for.

  20. Where does it say that she’s not going to breastfeed? I’m sure that working with weight watchers, she could come up with a weight loss plan that gives her enough calories for breastfeeding. Weight watchers is about balanced eating, not deprivation. If any mom says that she goes through the entire pregnancy without being concerned about losing baby weight, they’re lying. And if ‘everday’ moms are stressed about losing baby weight, imagine how much harder it must be for someone in the public eye who is often criticized for her weight. I think a lot of people are just jealous of her determination and irritated by their own laziness. We all know that new moms don’t have much time, so her getting having an action plan NOW is a great idea. If “she’s making you feel like a slacker”, maybe you should get your own diet and exercise plan instead of criticizing those who actually do.

  21. WW has a program for nursing mothers. I applaud Jessica for having a plan. I know she can do it!

    As soon as I have this baby I am going back to WW!

  22. WW gives you 14 extra points for nursing, every day. If you’ve ever done WW, you know how much that is! My daughter is 12 weeks and I honestly don’t know if I would still be nursing if not for WW because I would not be eating as healthy. I’ve lost 23 pounds and have a huge supply of milk in the freezer beause I produce so much. I don’t care if she nurses or not, but WW is 100% safe for nursing moms.

  23. I think it’s really sad people are upset in any way about this. Every new mom is concerned in some way about getting back to a healthy weight. It’s not like she signed up to endorse diet pills or something. WW is a very healthy way to lose weight & she’s planning ahead. & she’s getting paid for it. Good for her. It’s her job. Shes a celebrity. That’s what they do. & 3 mil is a great incentive to keep up with it. Any of us would be lying if we said getting paid for something we were already planning on doing wouldn’t be great.

  24. I think it’s great that she has a plan and applaud her for that. However, with WW you need to have had success on the plan before you become a meeting leader…so why would they sign her up BEFORE showing that the plan has been successful for her? Sounds like they’re putting the cart before the horse. Let’s face it, I could lose weight on ANY plan for $3 million.

  25. You go Jessica. Don’t worry about all the comments. Half of these women are just jelauos that they cannot lose their own baby weight. Talking about how their baby is a year old and they still got half the weight to go. No sweetheart that isn’t baby weight anymore. Thats actual weight you have accquired. I’m sure you will do great Jessica. When I was pregnant I talked with my husband how I wanted to work out after the baby comes. Fortunately I had no problems losing weight. I weighed 142 pounds the day I gave birth to my beautiful girl. I lost 10 pounds after the birth and was back to normal weight with in two weeks.

  26. jessica simpson shes growing fast but she so cute..i myself lost 10 pounds before i had my little boy my appetite shift at 9 months but were both healthy..

  27. What’s so bad about Jessica trying to be healthy? They have hundreds of moms out there (including myself) that would have loved to join WW ,and get paid for doing so, to lose their post baby weight and be healthy at the same time. If Mariah Carey can join Jenny Craig to lose her post baby weight and be congratulated in US Weekly for doing so, then why can’t Jessica?

  28. Leave it to weight watchers to use a pregnant woman to boost their sales! Of course she will loose the weight, she pregnant! Not cutting the program, just the advertising! Jessicas a very smart business woman!

  29. JS has always been on the side of health and natural beauty. She even had a short lived series on MTV (can’t remember the title) about what beauty means in cultures around the world. She has been outspoken regarding the standard of beauty that this country proports as healthy or sexy. Before you judge her, find out a little about who she is and her values surrounding the female form. As a woman her same age I have been impressed with her last few years of work and the new thoughtfulness she invests in her career choices. I think WW is another sound decision… And ps if she really wants to lose weight fast breastfeeding is the best “diet” out there! I’ve lost all 60 lbs that I gained in just these three months since I had my daughter!

  30. I am a healthy petite 40 yr old woman with 5 young children. I nursed every one of them. I am able to say that I lost all the gained weight from each pregnancy ..#1 you don’t have to gain a ton of weight to be a healthy pregnant woman…I gained 11 and had an almost 7 lb baby..perfectly healthy and beautiful! I ate well and lost the weight and then some after the babies were born. Nursing helps with weight loss and is wonderful for the baby. I hope she goes that route and I feel that weight watchers probably has a balanced diet for nursing moms. And most definitely I would take a 3 mil paycheck and give WW a whirl! I would lose the weight and make the company proud they selected me!

  31. I think people are just getting mad about it because they are jealous that she is actually going to try to keep her figure and stay in shape when they know that’s what they should have done.

  32. I think it’s great she is being proactive about wanting to lose her baby weight. I hope everything goes well for her during labor. I was really sad after 44 hours after my water broke and pushing for almost 3 hours, my son was born c-section. I definitely took the time to heal (physically, mentally) and enjoyed my everyday moments with him. 7 1/2 months later, I am ready to get rid of that baby weight 🙂

  33. It’s good that she already knows how she’ll get back into shape. Being fit and healthy is definitely a plus if you’re a mom because you’ll be the role model of your child. Jessica Simpson is never fat for me, her curves are great!

  34. Really? It’s Weight Watchers! It’s not like she announced plans to go anorexic the day after her baby’s born. EVERY pregnant woman wants to lose her baby weight, as soon as what is possible in a healthy way. It’s like society expects women (especially celebrities) to look rail thin weeks after delivery, but criticizes them when they actually talk about their plans to achieve it!

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