Holiday Flight Survival Snack: Goldfish Crackers?

I’ll be flying with Mason–solo!–this week for the holidays. Mason’s flown 15 times already, and we’ve discovered that he loves the hustle and bustle of the airport, and he actually seems to enjoy riding on a plane.  Most of the flights that we’ve taken him on have gone very well, but the last one was an absolute nightmare. The eastern seaboard was so jammed up that we had to circle Roanoke for an hour before we could continue on to New York. Mason screamed the entire time (I think his ears were bothering him), and a few people made snarky comments to us about it after we landed. Nightmare!

With that flight fresh in mind, it’s not great that I’m going it alone. (Chris has to work so he’s going to meet us later.) In addition to being nervous about scream fest #2, I’m a little freaked about getting him to sit still for so long. I took an informal poll of mama friends, and, on their advice, decided to purchase Mason his own seat so I could strap him into his car seat. There’s no way I could convince him to sit on my lap for take-off and landing, let alone an entire flight. I’m bringing books, his Sofie, a few “noisy” toys (for emergencies), and my iPhone to help entertain him. I’m also packing extra pacifiers and bottles to help his ears. If you have a better suggestion for keeping his ears from popping, please LMK!

Now I’m debating the snacks. I have a feeling that the food could make or break us. On previous flights Mason would  happily eat a fun buffet of healthy finger foods. But now My Little Food Camel is much pickier and I’m going to have to forgo my dreams of a 90-minute fruit-and-veggie-fest and hand over the Goldfish Crackers instead. Mason has been so finicky this week that cheesy crackers are one of the few (portable) things he’ll eat. I think I’ll also pack some organic apple-cinnamon grams. Anything else I should bring?


4 thoughts on “Holiday Flight Survival Snack: Goldfish Crackers?

  1. Does he like raisins? other dried fruit? I would bring all the possibilities…crunchy, sweet, chewy plus lots of distractions. Toys, videos you can play on a laptop.

  2. For his ears, you can ask for two cups, napkins and hot water. Put the napkins in the bottom of the cups and moisten with water. Hold them over his ears. The steam should help them pop. I’ve never tried this but my aunt tells me it works.

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