Mason + Baby Food Jar + 1 Minute Alone = Disaster

I made a really dumb parenting mistake last night. While Mason and I were playing cars in the bedroom, I decided to take a quick bathroom break–without taking him with me. I’ll only be gone for a second. We have a tiny 800-square-foot New York City apartment so I was literally gone for seconds, but when I returned, Mason was gleefully smearing carrot puree all over the floor and licking it off his fingers. He apparently found a jar of the baby food, started playing with it, and it broke. So he decided to have his own little finger painting session. I was shocked and embarrassed that it hadn’t occurred to me that anything like that could happen. Seriously, Mason, seriously? What was mama thinking?

I scooped him up, with carrot puree dripping everywhere, and changed his pajamas. Then I put him in his fenced-in play area until I was sure the mess was completely cleaned up. Although the jar didn’t shatter–basically the bottom popped off, I suspect he was banging it on the floor to hear what noise it would make–there were still a few shards of glass lying around. So scary!

How the baby food got in the bedroom, where Mason could reach it, was a total fluke.

Since Mason refused to eat baby food from a jar during his puree-eating days, we have a lot of leftovers. Last week, in an effort to clear cabinet space, I packed it all up for a friend who is expecting her second baby. I had moved the bag from the kitchen to our bedroom last week to make room for the housekeeper, and I totally forgot it was there. Did Mason watch me move the bag and plot to get into it at his earliest convenience, or did he discover it by chance the minute I dashed off to the bathroom? Knowing my boy, either scenario is a possibility.

My slip-up last night was humbling, embarrassing, scary–and a great lesson. I feel very lucky that nothing serious happened; by the grace of God he didn’t cut himself or swallow a piece of glass. It used to be that we could leave him for about a minute without worry as long as he was occupying himself with a toy, but now it’s clear that he must go into his safe space (or with one of us) even if we’re only away from him for a few seconds. He’s running around, super mobile, and bound to get into trouble within seconds. Won’t make that mistake again!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who makes silly parenting mistakes. Anyone else feel like sharing a recent blopper?



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