Sweet Sippy Success

Mason is slurping his milk out of a sippy cup–and he likes it. It took nearly 18 months and four different kinds of cups, but my boy did it! Our sippy cup woes are finally behind us. I wish I could say I used some magical trick to make it happen, but I didn’t. It just happened. He’s transitioning to a new classroom at school, where most of the kids are older, and I suspect he noticed that he was the only bottle drinker in the group. So he decided to join the crowd and that was that.

What little victory has your family enjoyed this week?

(Left: In a nod to Valentine’s Day, Mason wears his “Mommy’s Dream Date” bib while he sips.)

4 thoughts on “Sweet Sippy Success

  1. Congratulations! My littlest is almost 18 months and I can vary rarely get her to sip a bit on a cup. If she doesn’t have her bottle she simply won’t drink, then gets cranky. I dream that my day comes soon too!

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