Feeding Mason While I'm Away, Control Freak-Style

I’m heading to Nashville tomorrow for a blogger conference. I’m so excited when I think about the cool people I’ll meet and new things I’ll learn, but  as thrilled as I am to have this opportunity, I’ve been making myself a little nuts getting ready for it. I’m freaking out about leaving Mason (of course), and I’ve been working like a maniac since I’ll miss two days in the office. I swear my head would have exploded if not for yoga yesterday. As it is, I nearly hyperventilated on the way home tonight just thinking about all that I needed to do before I catch my flight tomorrow. And then some a-hole in a rush to get on the train knocked one of Mason’s brand new tennis shoes off as we were getting off the train, and it fell on the tracks. The station agent actually asked me to lean over the tracks, with Mason in the Ergo, and pinpoint where the shoe feel and then wait for 40 minutes for someone to come retrieve it. Seriously?! I’ll take my chances that someone will find it when they eventually clean the tracks and deliver it to lost and found. Deep breath.

I swear Mason knows I’m leaving, too. He was positively angelic tonight. He giggled through dinner and then he actually ate his food without throwing any on the floor. Miraculous. He helped me pack my suitcase, and then we played Peek-a-Boo with his wash cloth in the bathtub. We sang songs and I gave him a lotion massage before putting him in his jammies. He gave me at least four hugs before I put him in his crib. My heart melted, then it broke as I thought about how he would react when I walk out the door tomorrow. He gets upset anytime I leave the apartment without him, even if I’m just walking down the hall to take out the trash. Another deep breath.

My in-laws are flying in tomorrow morning to stay with Bug. They raised three kids, and they definitely know what they’re doing, so he’s in excellent hands. But I can’t help but feel that nobody can care for Mason like I can. (Doesn’t every mom feel that way?) I’ve been obsessively writing down Mason’s schedule, tips for mealtime, bedtime, etc–and every time I think I’m finished something else comes to mind. Um, did I mention I’m sort of a control freak, especially when it comes to Mason? Luckily they’re patient, understanding people and I don’t think they’ll hold my tome against me. Exhale.

Part of the problem is I’m a stickler for routine, and I feel nearly panicked when I think about our routine getting off-track. Mason goes to bed beautifully and I swear it’s because we did sleep training. He’s starting to follow directions, both at home and at school, so we need to be consistent about what we ask him to do. (Maybe it will help counteract some of the biting action he’s been doing lately.) But I’m pickiest about what he eats. Big surprise, huh. What Mason will eat while I’m in Nashville has been on my mind for weeks. I went on a cooking spree earlier this week, and I stocked the refrigerator and freezer with things that I made and pre-made stuff from the grocery store. The child is so picky these days that I feel like I have to have a million options at any given time. Here’s what I have ready to go. Another exhale. I actually think we’re set.


Eggs for omelets
Brown rice bread for French toast
Whole-grain waffles (frozen)
Gluten-free pancake mix
Coffee cake muffins (from a bakery)
Vanilla yogurt

Lunch and Dinner
Whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs
Macaroni-and-cheese with brown rice noodles
Gnocchi with cheese sauce, broccoli, and peas
Garlic and lime rotisserie chicken (from the grocery store)
Chili with beef and beans (Chris made it, Bug loves the stuff)
Chicken strips for chicken fingers
Chicken-apple sausage
Honey-baked ham, Swiss cheese, and cheddar cheese
Fresh apples and pears
6 kinds of organic, frozen veggies
3 kinds of organic, frozen fruit

Then there’s a giant stash of snacks in the cupboard above the fridge.

Did I mention I’m only going to be gone for less than 72 hours?

Are you a control freak when it comes to your kids? What are you most obsessive about?

Photo: Baby chef via Kyrylo Grekov/Shutterstock.com

3 thoughts on “Feeding Mason While I'm Away, Control Freak-Style

  1. The first time I left my daughter, Kate, with my in-laws for a two-day getaway, she was about a year old and I packed individual meals and snacks for the entire two days. I know they were capable of feeding her but I wanted to know that she would eat the food, so I wanted to put in what I knew she would eat. Now I’m not as bad with the in-laws, but I still leave food ready when people watch her (she is 17 months). It’s totally normal for you to want to be in control of the nourishment your little one is taking in…at least I think so!

  2. My husband and I were talking about this last night. I am a stay at home mom and do most of the care giving for our 9 month old son, Hunter. Hunter was IUGR and born under 5 lbs at 37 1/2 weeks. My husband was saying last night we should get a baby sitting to watch Hunter and get out and do something for a few hours. He has started crawling a few weeks ago and I don’t feel like anyone can watch him as well as I can. We have had some good friends babysit in the past but he was immobile then. My husband has a surgery coming up and my in laws want to watch Hunter while I stay with my husband in the hospital, I don’t know if I can let them. I make my own food for him and haven’t had to let anyone besides my husband feed him yet. I am terrified of that day.

  3. I’m just like you. I trained my babysitter for at least 1 month before I could leave my son with her alone. I also put every single detail of my son’s day-to-day life into writing (very lengthy notes) so that the babysitter may refer to it anytime, even when I was away.

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