The Inspiring Sisterhood of BlissDom

I returned this afternoon from the BlissDom Conference for bloggers in Nashville, TN. I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be the most memorable conference I’ve ever attended. Of course I missed Mason to pieces, but I loved every minute I was there. There were so many smart, inspiring, friendly women in one place, and they taught me so much. My wing woman turned out to be Ellen Seidman of To the Max on and Love That Max–she is absolutely awesome. (Although she blogs for, I had never actually met her in person; that’s the two of us on the left.) Here are some of the other amazing women that I hung with during the conference:

• Lara Lynn Fanning, who is expecting her seventh child in two weeks! (The Vitafamiliae blogger’s brood includes twins and an adopted child from Uganda.) She home schools them all, and had awesome mom advice to share.

• Adrienne, who went from having one child to four in one year. She writes Another Ordinary Miracle and is the mom of four children, some of whom have special needs.

• Franchesca of Small Bird Studios. This creative mama and blog designer lost her firstborn child three years ago, and now she donates a portion of her profits to March of Dimes, The Ronald McDonald House or NILMDTS.

• Amanda Fischer Heyser, founder of SpecialEd Smart, and mother to a daughter with special needs.

•Amee Cantagallo of Madame Deals. This mom of three turned her passion for deal-hunting into a major business.

•Ap, the mom of a 19-month-old son, and author of I Love You More Than Carrots. We clicked over our shared love of mothering boys at one of the sessions (her second son is due in June!). I also loved her friend Jennifer Green, who writes the adorable Life in the Green House.

•Sarah Kimmel of Technology for Moms–super savvy, smart, and fun. Loved hanging out with her and the super sweet Shan, of Family Brings Joy, last night at Girls Night In.

• The fashionable and fun Aimee Broussard of Project Aimee.

• Julie Henning of Road Trips for Families; she shares my POV on mindful eating and her blog offers some great tips!

• Jessica Wolstenholm and Dr. Heather Rupe of The Pregnancy Companion; they write about marrying your faith with motherhood.

• Liz of A Nut in a Nutshell–we had the best chat at lunch on Saturday.

• Annie Stow of Stowed Stuff. The mom of three captured the photo of Ellen and me at Girl’s Night In, and she’s got some handy product advice on her blog.

Can’t wait to go back to BlissDom again next year!

Photo, above, by Annie Stow of Stowed Stuff

UPDATE 2/27: As an aside, the American Cancer Society asked the bloggers to say why we loved our birthdays as part of its “More Birthdays” campaign. I thought it was such a cool idea, and they sent me my photo today. In case you can’t read the sign, I said I  love my birthday because life gets better as I get older. Good thing, huh? As my father-in-law would say, the alternative just isn’t acceptable!

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