“Meat Has a Boo-Boo”

Daycare is closed for a “staff development day,” so Chris is staying home with Mason today to give me a break since I’m usually the one staying home with him when school is closed. I was working at my desk when I an email popped up with this subject line: “Meat Has a Boo-Boo.” (Meat is short for meatball, which was Mason’s nickname when he was a newborn because he curled up on our chests in a tiny ball-shape.) I opened the email and it read:

Little man got a little paper cut this morning. Not exactly sure how. One minute we’re playing with his puzzle. The next minute, his finger is bleeding and there are streaks all over his face and everything. I got the cut to stop bleeding and I called the pediatrician about his vaccination status and they said he’s protected. Just wanted to let you know that Daddy is on top of it.

A few things didn’t add up. Mason’s puzzles are wooden, so how could he have gotten a paper cut from one? A paper cut hurts like h-ll, but why would it cause streaks of what I presumed to be blood to be on his face? And why did Chris call the pediatrician about vaccinations–for a “paper” cut? I called home.

Turns out, the cut looked like a paper cut but wasn’t actually a paper cut. The blood on Mason’s face was because he rubbed his bloody finger on his face. Still not sure what the call to the pediatrician was about–but I find it super sweet that Chris took Mason’s little cut so seriously. After rinsing Mason’s finger in cold water, Chris tried to put a bandage on it–my mom bought Bug some really cute SpongeBob band-aids–but Mason took it off and handed it back to him.

I love my boys.

Ever gotten an email like this one from your hubby?

Photo from jnj.com

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