6 Surprising Things My Kid Ate (& Loved) This Weekend

On Saturday afternoon, a group of LIC Mamas met up in Brooklyn for our monthly mommy and me potluck. We started this tradition in October, and I really look forward to these get-togethers. Small groups of us hang out in between, but there’s just something about having everyone together in a super chill setting that makes things especially fun. Most of the kids have known each other since they were a few weeks old, and it’s amazing to watch them run around and play together now.  There were seven moms (and a few dads) with children under age 2– five rowdy boys and two calm girls.

Last weekend’s potluck was at Florence’s place. Florence and her hubby Paul are amazing hosts, and they made several dishes to go with what each mom brought. There were cheeses, salads, savory tarts, roasted vegetables, baked mac ‘n’ cheese, pork loin, macaroons, and donuts (plus French wines for the parents and organic whole milk for the babes). Florence sent everyone home with small bags of chocolate chip cookies.  What did I tell you? She knows how to throw a party. I’d better starting planning the April potluck, which I’m hosting, now!

Despite being cranky earlier in the day, Mason was psyched to party. And he ate a lot–off his plate, my plate, Chris’ plate, other kids’ plates, some of the moms’ plates. Luckily everyone was fine with sharing their food, and I was thrilled to see him eat so well! Mason ate a few things that really surprised me–not because they’re exotic foods, but because he’s been so darn picky for the last six months:

1. Spinach tart
2. Whole, fresh green beans
3. Roasted asparagus
4. Pork loin
5. Blue cheese
6. Dried cranberries

Did your kid eat anything surprising this weekend?

Photo: Asparagus via Julia Jewel/Shutterstock.com

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