Jessica Simpson: Lamaze Class Zaps Your Energy

Being a mom has introduced me to the kind of exhaustion that you can feel in your bones. It’s so worth it, but it’s astonishing how draining it is to keep up with an 18-month-old. The eating battles alone wear me down, not to mention chasing him from here to there since he no longer walks, he runs! So I had to laugh–no, crack up–when I heard  Jessica Simpson  tell Jay Leno last night on the Tonight Show that she’s skipping Lamaze class because she thinks it would make her too tired to actually deliver her daughter.

“You watch these women in Lamaze class and they just get so out of breath,” she says. “I feel like how do you even have the energy to push if you’re completely out of breath and seeing stars from breathing?”

Her quirky logic cracks me up, and I’m looking forward to her first interview after her baby is born. I imagine that there will be many jaw-dropping Did she really just say that? moments. (Remember the “Chicken or fish?” convo on The Newlyweds?) Let’s just hope she rests up while she can. I can assure her that parenthood is way more draining than Lamaze class–and the exercise clause that’s probably in her “lose the baby weight” deal with Weight Watchers will be, too.

2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson: Lamaze Class Zaps Your Energy

  1. I’m sure she’ll have full time help raising that baby. She won’t be tired and will probably still be getting her hair and nails done weekly.

  2. As President of Lamaze International, I’d like to think Jessica is uninformed about our classes. Lamaze classes provide evidence based information and coping skills to moms and their support persons. Jessica might be surprised to learn relaxation techniques that could help her feel more rested in the last weeks of her pregnancy. Not being informed or prepared for birth can prove difficult on the actual day. So, we invite Jessica and all moms to be to come to our classes and then comment on our methods.

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