Gluten-Free French Toast From Your Freezer

Lately we’ve been in a breakfast rut. I feel like we’ve always eating some combination of these breakfast ideas or muffins, and Mason seems as bored with our staples as I am. This morning I decided to make, er, heat up frozen, gluten-free French toast sticks that I discovered the last time I was at the grocery store. They toasted up crisp and were lightly spiced with cinnamon. I added a little bit of organic maple syrup…delish! Even Mason ate almost his entire serving. They’re not a replacement for homemade French toast, which we’ll keep making on the weekends, but they’re a great solution for us on busy weekday mornings. Yum!

What are your go-to breakfast ideas for weekday mornings?

2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free French Toast From Your Freezer

  1. I just bought the toaster chocolate chip mini waffles from the same brand for my Lily. I toast them, and then give her “waffle sandwiches” by spreading a little peanut butter on one, and nutella on another and squishing them together. Somehow, I usually wind up finishing off whatever she doesn’t eat, and I’m pretty okay with that. Delish!!

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