Easy Edible Fever Relievers

Mason woke up screaming at 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Hysterically screaming. I thought he was just peeved because he couldn’t find his pacifier. I stumbled to his crib, still half-asleep, and rooted around for it. I popped it back in his mouth and rubbed his back. He was burning up. I took his temperature–101.8. I gave him Motrin and he fell right back to sleep. I tossed and turned, stressing about what he might be coming down with, as well as everything I had to get done that day and wouldn’t be able to.

Turns out, his fever was here to stay.

We got through Wednesday and then Chris stayed home with him Thursday. My little boy spent the day clinging to his daddy and whimpering. When I arrived home from work, Mason was rosy-cheeked and miserable. We kept him home from school Friday, which was only marginally better than Thursday. (I thought his fever had broken when he first woke up, but I was mistaken–it was back later that morning as soon as the Motrin wore off.) He seemed better yesterday, but he still had a fever so he had to miss his play date. Last night he cried in his sleep on and off all night, seeming to feel awful once again.

To help cool him off between doses of Motrin, I’ve been giving him frozen fruit puree mixed with full-fat yogurt, semi-frozen applesauce and pear puree, frozen pacifiers, and water with ice cubes. For some more ideas on how to keep him comfortable, I asked you for your best advice via the High Chair Times Facebook page.

Several of you responded with some great ideas, which I really appreciated. “Diaper time” and tepid baths were popular recommendations. Simple, straightforward, and easy. I stripped off Mason’s PJs and let him run around in his Pampers, then put him in the tub to soak. He loved it. Several moms also suggested alternating Motrin and Tylenol every four hours “for better coverage with really tough fevers” Jen explained. I like that idea–the meds always seem to wear off before it’s time for the next dose! Jen said we should try popsicles; I gave him an all-natural fruit pop and it was messy, but it did the job. And Barbara reminded me not to overdo the treatment, particularly as his fever got lower.  “Our ped actually said NOT to give them anything unless they are uncomfortable as a low grade fever is the body’s way of fighting off whatever it is trying to.” Thanks so much, you guys!

Anyone else have suggestions to share?

Photo: Popsicles via glossyplastic/Shutterstock

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