Poll: Would You Chew Up Your Baby's Food for Him?

I’ll admit it: Mason and I can be a little gross at mealtime. One of his favorite things to do is feed me food from his plate–and sometimes he chews it up before he sticks it into my mouth. And I eat it. But we’ve never done the food swapping thing in reverse. That is, I’ve never chewed up my food and then fed it to him. I don’t want to give him my germs, but it’s inevitable that I’ll get his germs, regardless of whether I eat his chewed up food, because he uses me as a tissue and/or vomit bag whenever he’s sick.

So I’m sort of fascinated/freaked out by this video of actress Alicia Silverstone feeding her 11-month-old son Bear Blu. In it, the devoted vegan chews up bits of Miso soup and then essentially spits the food into her kid’s mouth. I’m all for a mama feeding her baby–hello, breastfeeding!–but this is just a little too far-out for my taste. There are the germs, which is the biggest issue with this feeding method, says Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC’s chief medical editor. Then there’s the fact that little Bear should be focused on learning how to feed himself finger foods at this stage of development, not eating mushy scraps from his mom’s mouth. There’s also the ick factor of how the interaction looks on video, “like Alicia is making out with her son,” according to one parenting editor quoted on Yahoo Shine.

Would you (or do you) feed your baby mama-bird style? Take our poll now!

Photo by krwp@aol.com

18 thoughts on “Poll: Would You Chew Up Your Baby's Food for Him?

  1. My first thought was helicopter parenting at such an early age. How will the child develop muscles to chew if this practice continues. In addition, the eye/hand coordination gained by finger feeding will be delayed!

  2. Heck no! I don’t want to give him bacteria from my mouth needlessly. I actually avoid sharing stuff with him since I have a bad dental history and want to give him the best chances I can.

  3. I think there are a lotta judgemental notions and ‘shoulds’ here.. I’m sure we’ve all wiped our kids’ noses with our shirt when desperate, etc and done other things that would gross others out. Although I personally wouldn’t make a public video outta those things (thinking of the kid’s potential feelings in later years! – it’s not all about me!), to each their own..And she is used to being in the public eye, so..If a kid can breastfeed fluid from yr body, I question how many more germs he’d get this way..

  4. Oh goodness, people make such a big deal out of nothing. I did it. Guess what? My son is almost 5 and can chew his food just fine. He is not delayed, has great teeth, isn’t overly attached to me, and is completely healthy. Why can people not mind their own business and not make huge issues out of someone that actually loves their child? How about turning all this energy and publicity into good for children who have nobody to love them or who have no food to eat?

  5. My foster son would NOT eat food out of the baby-food grinder, the only way I could get him to eat solid food was to chew it up and spit it into his mouth. He was chewing his food much earlier than normal, has been exceptionally healthy, and has no dental issues. Babies may even get more use out of their food this way, as mom’s saliva starts digesting the food for him. I don’t think babies(or adults) were meant to live in this unnaturally sanitary bubble world we sometimes put them in.

  6. Think about this, our caveman ancestors didn’t have Beach Nut and Gerber and they did not have food processors. So for that period between breast feeding and teeth how did the little guys survive? Mommy and/or Daddy would have to chew it for them.

  7. Hmmmm… can we say MASH IT WITH A FORK!!! Sorry but what Alicia did is just plain gross and I have never actually chewed food up and spit it into my kids mouth!! Yes two each her own but don’t share with the world now just look at the out rage created over it!

  8. Very BAD practice for many medical, hygiene reasons.

    Apart from that totally ILLOGICAL as well. There is absolutely no need (and never was) for humans to do this.

    According to dentists, babies born without the bacteria in their mouth that causes cavity. Hence, if saliva exchange happens in any way, they are much more likely to get cavities.

    Also, it’s better for babies to be fed from a spoon, since that’s the first step to learn how to eat from one.

    Just bad… and sad.

  9. Even if you ignore all of the other issues that people have with this (making the child sick, hime being unable to chew his own food, the way it looks, etc), the biggest one is probably introducing bacteria that can cause dental caries. Babies are not naturally born with this bacteria. It is introduced by others, most of the time parents. Once introduced, there is no way to get rid of them. This is the major reason why parents shouldn’t suck on a pacifier to clean it off before giving it back to baby. Kids will have enough issues preventing cavities as it is without Mommy spitting those nasty little bugs right into their mouths.

  10. I do chew up food n give it to my children did it with my first child n her teeth are perfect so now i do it w my six month old but i dont mama birdie style that is gross i take a small piece out n give it to her and as soon as her first tooth comes she can work it out herself im sure.

  11. I also wanna say if saliva and bacteria and our body fluids are so bad why do our children live off of it for 9 months and then come out of our sacred area everyone says is gross i think we shouldn’t take it so serious the bacteria thing kids can breath and get that then what hun

  12. I also wanna say if bacteria n body fluids are so harmful why do we carry our child in them and why do they come out of our sacred area people say is so gross we really shouldnt worry about those things so much ur child can breath and get bacteria then what just saying lifes messy

  13. I just wanna say if are body fluids are so harmful why do our children live in them for 10 months then come out of our sacred area people find so gross we really shouldn’t get so worked up on bacteria the immune system is impeccable and develops as we grow on this earth your child can breath and get a worse fate then bacteria then what, Parents relax each parent as there own way.

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