Warm Milk With Turmeric–A Toddler Cure-All?

After a fun-filled weekend, Mason’s fighting a fever, ear infection, and cough this week. The symptoms hit Tuesday afternoon at school, so I took him to the pediatrician yesterday and he received antibiotics for his ears. The cough, the doc said, is most likely from the rapidly changing temps and pollen levels in the northeast (one minute it’s 43 degrees, the next it’s 72), so I’ve been trying a host of natural remedies to help give Bug some relief. Poor little guy.

Bug’s fever was gone by last night, and he was happily playing this morning, so I sent him back to school. We were running late, and I was feeling lazy, so we skipped the subway and took a cab to school. (The subway involves four flights of stairs and a five-block trek–all while carrying my 20+-pound tot in the Ergo– and I just couldn’t deal after being up and down with him for the last two nights.) Mason seems to love cabs as much as I do, and he spent the ride blowing kisses to other drivers. At one point he started coughing and our driver, who told us he was from Punjab, India, recommended that I give him warm milk with turmeric tonight. “It’ll cure anything,” he assured.

Mason loves milk, and he hasn’t been in the mood to eat for the last couple of days (not great for Project Weight Gain Redux), so the idea of giving him milk with healing powers is tempting. Perhaps we’ll give it a try.

Do you have an edible remedy for your child that you swear by? Dish here!

Photo: Turmeric powder via Obak/Shutterstock

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