Messiest Dish of Yogurt Ever!

Mason was home sick again last Friday–his fever returned during nap time at school on Thursday and his teacher called me at work to come pick him up a little early. I hate getting those phone calls, I always feel a little frantic, like I can’t get to school fast enough. It’s incredibly stressful knowing that he’s hurting and I’m not immediately there. That night, he threw up after dinner from coughing so hard. I panicked and called the doctor because I’ve very allergic to the antibiotic Mason is taking for his ear infection, and I was afraid he was having an allergic reaction. Since he didn’t have a rash she said that his cough was most likely the culprit. Apparently kids his age often vomit from coughing, who knew? Nightmare!

Bug was still dragging Friday and didn’t feel like eating very much. When I took him to the doctor’s earlier that week, she said his throat looked raw (in addition to the ear infection), so I let him be peckish all day. He seemed interested in yogurt when I served it –and while eating it, he made a tremendous mess. In fact, I removed his shirt at the same time I cleared the dishes from his tray because it had all gotten so out of control (right).  A mess like that generally freaks me out, but I let it go. He was having so much fun after feeling so crummy for several days, how could I possibly break that up?

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2 thoughts on “Messiest Dish of Yogurt Ever!

  1. I HATE the “cough till you vomit” thing. Our daughter has been doing that every time she’s gotten sick, since she was about 14 months old (she’s almost 19 now). She also does the “cry till you cough till you vomit” thing, which is really messing up everyone’s sleep at night. Does bug sleep through the night at least? Our Lily hasn’t been for a few months, and since she will eventually cry until she throws up – we’ve been having a bed visitor. Not cool. Not cool.

  2. Erin, I feel for you. Mason has his good nights and his bad nights, and the bad nights are grueling. (My hubby works out of town Mon-Fri!) He won’t sleep in our bed, which would be helpful when he’s sick but is probably good in the long run, so I spend a lot of time on those bad nights running between my bed and his crib. Sigh.

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