Cookie + Breastfeeding Ad “Controversial”? No, It’s Just Funny!

It’s rare that I get to sip coffee and read blogs (alone!!) on a Sunday morning. But Mason’s out running the hallways with Chris–it’s raining out, we’ve been up for four+ hours, and our apartment is a tiny 800-square feet, so he’s bored. Thirty minutes of free time for mommy? Priceless.

As I was browsing around, I stumbled upon Kavita Varma-White’s take on the ad from South Korea in which an adorable baby is nursing while clutching an Oreo cookie, with the slogan “Milk’s Favorite Cookie.”  (You can see the ad here.) The Today Moms blogger says that the ad “blatantly sexualizes breast-feeding” and she calls it “textbook juvenile,” citing  the comments on a Huffington Post article about it. She also questions whether the woman in the ad is even a lactating mother.

My opinion? C’mon, it’s just provocative and kind of funny.

The ad was apparently created by Kraft’s ad agency, Cheil Worldwide, for a one-time use at an advertising forum and was not intended for public distribution or use with consumers, according to an update on the Huffington Post article. But even if it were meant for consumers, I hardly think it’s a crime that the people who created it chose to show a woman with “perky and perfect” breasts, in Varma-White’s words, and I don’t blame them for finding someone who didn’t have stretch marks and cracked nipples (or just air-brushing all that out). Beauty sells, not ugly reality. And the childish comments about the ad? Please. There are childish comments about pretty much everything on the Internet. If they bother you, don’t read them.

If I were to look at this ad literally, which really isn’t the point, I’d say that it’s a positive portrayal of breastfeeding–albeit it a completely unrealistic one.  Furthermore, it’s provocative enough to create a dialogue about breastfeeding, which the people who rallied behind the very public nurse-in that took place at Target stores last December would argue is very important. And with this ad comes fresh buzz about Oreos. And isn’t that what every ad campaign aims to do? I mean, really, what is the harm here?

What do you think: Is this ad offensive?

Photo: Oreos via Jaimie Duplass/

22 thoughts on “Cookie + Breastfeeding Ad “Controversial”? No, It’s Just Funny!

  1. I loved it! I nursed my first for 17 months, second is still nursing at 18 months, and my breasts are not stretched marked nor do I Have cracked nipples, so those comments make me roll me eyes. Breastfeeding is fun, great for mom and baby…. Why not show some humor in it!

  2. Wow offended by the most natural thing in this world? Those people obviously had their kids a la virgin Mary. Grow up people repressing our bodies and sexuality is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!

  3. I personally love the ad! It’s funny to think that an Oreo is ‘milks favorite cookie’ regardless of the milk. I totally agree that pretty sells. If they show what a woman’s breast looks like after nursing I’m sure there would be plenty if comments about that. Besides being a fun ad to promote the Oreo I feel this really advocates for breast feeding. It is so taboo anymore and lots of young mothers feel uncomfortable nursing and don’t try or ‘can’t’. Why should babies be fed artificial powdered formula made of man made chemicals and what not when they are meant to nurse from their mother to get the best form of nutrition possible?

  4. I thought the ad was adorable. I’ve been bfing for nearly 18years (many different children!) and it actually did not occur to me that it could be taken as offensive at first until I started to read some of the comments. I just don’t get it. I love the look on the baby’s face — it is the exact look my babies give when they are nursing and someone or something catches their eye, but they don’t want to stop nursing. 🙂

  5. I think it’s hilarious! And as a mom who has breastfed 2 children, I’m not offended. And I have to agree, it gets people talking- which is great.

  6. I think it’s a really cute and clever idea. It made me laugh. The baby is adorable and breastfeeding is completely natural (I have 6 and have BF them all). I want to buy some Oreos just to support them now 🙂

  7. Not offensive at all! The baby is adorable; I love the look on his face! Maybe the breast is a bit perkier than most lactating mother’s breasts, but so what? I have nursed 3 kids who are now old enough to like Oreos; I would have no problem with them seeing this ad.

  8. I think this ad is clever and cute.
    It promotes breastfeeding in more ways than they possibly imagined, just the fact that a well known comapny such as oreo uses breastfeeding for their ads says all we need to know.

    But in literal thinking, its like what are you trying to say that nursed babies should eat cookies? whatever. I don’t think into these things so much.

  9. I’m a breastfeeding mother, this is my third child to do so with, I don’t think it’s offensive. I think it’s clever and fun.

  10. No it is not offensive. It’s a funny way of looking at childhood. People are just too sensitive nowadays, I mean no one would really do this it’s an attention grabbing ad. Some people need to loosen the stick.

  11. I see nothing wrong with this photo, it’s funny. Why can’t people just see humor in the world, instead of shaking their heads about every little thing. To think that is ad is targeted at babies is ludicris. It’s just a simple ad saying, “hey, mama’s got milk, I have a cookie. Let’s eat!” BTW, that doesn’t even look like a real person at all to me. It looks like the baby was probably sucking on a bottle and they replaced the bottle with a fake breast. Completely photohopped.

  12. I love this ad! Smart and cute!

    Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, it doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Making the idea of breastfeeding more mainstream certainly wouldn’t hurt. My son would love a cookie with his milk!

  13. I think it’s a beautiful ad and I’m not offended at all. I breastfed both of my children and in public when necessary. But really what’s the big deal? We see a lot more than this in movies and tv shows. This was simply a cute ad that was meant to be funny and not taken so seriously. All of the people who think its offensive should ask their mothers if they were breastfed.

  14. Offensive, you got to be kidding, right? With all the naked women on TV, which also includes violence & foul language, yet people are complaining about an ad that promotes natural behavior is ‘offensive!” Lay off the ad & they should put it up do the whole world can see it! Let this ad set a good example of what America is suppose to be like!! And by the way I showed my children this ad & my seven year old daughter said ” the baby is drinking milk” & my eighteen year old son said ” it’s natural.” I think I proved my point!!

  15. i think it’s great! whoever is offended is obviously not a breastfeeding mother

    fyi, i clicked the link to see the ad and was rewarded with a virus.

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