PB&Js, Shampoo Cocktails, Playdates …Just the Typical Sunday

Before he drank shampoo, Mason tried and loved his first PB&J: brown rice bread with peanut butter and blackberry jam (yes, I’m finally over my peanut allergy paranoia). And then he took his first swig of bubbly.

I was putting on eyeliner and only glanced away for a second–but when I looked over, he was sitting on the floor next to me, with the open bottle in his mouth and tipped back, as if he were sipping a bottle of water. I freaked and snatched it out of his hands, then pulled him close to smell his breath. Yep, he sipped that shampoo. And now my little boy was sitting on the floor, cracking up at my panic.

I called the pediatrician, and got the answering service since it’s Sunday:

Me: Hi, um, I think my 20-month-old just swallowed shampoo …

Operator: Oh no, oh dear …

Me: Yeah, I’m so embarrassed. I only looked away for a second, so he couldn’t have had much.

Operator: Is he blowing bubbles yet? [laughs]

Me: Haha, nope! And I’m hoping he’s not poisoned either.

The pediatrician called back and assured me that the shampoo was probably harmless. (“You’ll just have a funny story to tell!”) She explained that most shampoos are, since manufacturers anticipate that accidents will happen. But she instructed me to call Poison Control just to be sure, since they have info on all the ingredients in every product. The woman who answered the phone there assured me he’d be fine. She told me to give him a little milk–just an ounce or two, since we didn’t want to create a bubble bath in his tummy–and then a couple of crackers.

She was right, he was totally fine, and he had a blast at the toddler gym and playground with his friend Zann. But mama’s not quite ready to laugh about the whole thing. Yet.

Anyone else have something crazy happen today?

Photo: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich via bonchan/Shutterstock.com


5 thoughts on “PB&Js, Shampoo Cocktails, Playdates …Just the Typical Sunday

  1. You know, with kids, I don’t think there are really any “typical” days are there? They are always surprising us, sometimes making us laugh and sometimes making us cry. My kids are 18,21, and 24, and they continue to make my days “atypical”!

  2. My 13 mo old just learned how to climb up onto the couch but prefers to fall off onto his head! So we had a very interesting day yesterday. He seems to have figured it out more today…tomorrow he will be a pro!

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