Hot Mess at Breakfast

My little man has to be one of the messiest eaters ever. He’s generally covered in food from head to toe by the time he’s finished eating. I still don’t understand how he gets it on his socks when he’s strapped into a high chair. (Remember the ultra-messy chocolate chip cookie and yogurt pics?) After a friend saw the cookie pic, she asked “Is he eating that cookie or wearing it?” When it comes to Mason, the answer is both.

Earlier this week he showed off his mad messy skills at breakfast while digging into PB&J toast. He discovered an affinity for it last weekend, shortly before he took a swig from the shampoo bottle, and he’s requested raisin bread with peanut butter and blackberry jam every morning this week. Which means I’ve been scrubbing the sticky stuff out of his hair every morning before school.

I captured this photo Wednesday morning, and I love it. It’s Mason at his mealtime best: happy and incredibly messy.

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One thought on “Hot Mess at Breakfast

  1. Does this ever improve because my now three year old is still a hot mess at every meal. I try to just “let it go” and have her go at it and eat by herself, but I feel like I’m always hovering. It’s always a disaster…

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