Tacos, a Toddler Favorite? Imagine That.

I guess it should come as no surprise that Mason likes tacos. Despite the fact that mealtime became a pain in the a-s shortly after he turned 1–some days he’d eat everything on his plate, other days he’d reject nearly everything–he’s always enjoyed surprising spices and flavors. He fell in love with curried lentils at nine-months-old, tasted his first bite of  foie gras at 11-months-old, and slurped gazpacho at his birthday dinner last year. But I’m still a little shocked every time that he loves something unexpected.

Perhaps I’m traumatized from all of the food throwing.

Last night Chris made chicken tacos with corn tortillas. We added roasted tomatoes, red onion, three cheeses, guacamole, and fat-free sour cream–and they were delish. Mason flung the tortilla, but ate everything else. He liked the guac so much that he finished it off with a spoon after his chicken was gone (and laughed the entire time he ate it). I was so excited I texted multiple friends, but restrained myself from broadcasting the news on Facebook.

This morning Mason threw all of his breakfast on the floor, except for a few crumbs of blueberry muffin. I suppose he was just reminding me that he’s still a toddler whose behavior/moods/likes/dislikes will stay impossibly unpredictable for a while. Love my little boy, nonetheless.

Has your kid eaten anything this week that’s surprised you?

Photo: Soft-shell chicken tacos via John Resnick/Shutterstock.com

2 thoughts on “Tacos, a Toddler Favorite? Imagine That.

  1. Loved your post! I too am seemingly having a picky toddler! He is a little over a year and usually sticks to his favorites, but now those are becoming projectiles! Mine, too, loves spicy food, which used to shock me, then I remembered how much Mexican and spicy sausage I ate while pregnant and wonder if that has anything to do with it?! Last night he ate sauteed onions and green peppers! My question, though, is do you fix him something else to eat when he throws his food? I always do, but then wonder what happens if he throws the next thing I make him? Knowing that he’s hungry, how far do you let the food throwing go before you just give him some milk?

  2. Hi Jesse! Thank you so much. There is evidence that what you eat while your pregnant does influence your baby’s diet later on (http://www.parents.com/blogs/high-chair-times/2012/01/10/must-read/did-your-pregnancy-cravings-influence-your-childs-eating-habits). Although I never ate spicy food b/c my heartburn was so bad! I have finally stopped making Mason alternative meals. If he throws what we feed him, he’s finished. I was nervous about taking that step b/c he’s a stringbean–and I couldn’t bear the thought of him going hungry. But he actually eats much better now than he did before. I also started giving him fruit or veggies for snacks instead of crackers, raisins, etc.

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