Mason's Second Slice, A Weekly Tradition is Born

Since Mason loved his first slice of New York-style pizza so much, Chris has decided to take him out for pizza Thursdays after school, whenever possible. Apparently the place they go to is a Peach Pit for two year olds (if you spent your middle school years watching the original Beverly Hills 90210 like I did, you know exactly what I mean). It was filled with tots and Mason flirted with a girl his age, who apparently goes to a neighboring daycare, between bites of his slice.

This pizza outing was a little different than their last. Mason didn’t fold his slice right away, but he definitely enjoyed it. He started with the cheese (above, left), because what toddler isn’t obsessed with the stuff? Then he took his first bite of crust (right). And with a sauce-covered face and hair askew, he turned around and made eyes (left) at the cutest girl in the place.

Chris’ account of their interaction:

When she walked in, Mason waved to her and said “Hi.” She and her mommy proceeded through the line with their order and then sat down at the table next to us. This little girl was beautiful, with big brown eyes and long dark hair. She had just turned 2, according to her mother, and her name was Isabella. The tots sat parallel to one another, and smiled at each other as Isabella took dainty bites of her pizza and Mason savagely devoured his slice.

After the kids finished eating, they parted ways. It was getting late and both had to be in bed by 8. But not to worry, Mason, you’ve got years to hang with girls! And mommy and daddy won’t always be there to cramp your style.


One thought on “Mason's Second Slice, A Weekly Tradition is Born

  1. I’m going to be honest and say this terrifies me. My first memory in life is being at a pizza place and my mom giving me a piece of gooey cheesy pizza. You know the kind, where the cheese just gets longer and longer and finally you just have to cut it. My dad told her not to, but she did anyway and lo-and-behold I started choking. My dad leapt up, grabbed me by the legs and held me upside-down and thumped me on the back until it came out. I hope you and Chris are being careful :/

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